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    The first events in a campaign based on a demonic artifact on one of the Crone Worlds the Eldar have now access to in and around the Eye of Terror following the 13th Black Crusade.

    Both the Puritans and the Radicals aspire to reach the item, the radicals to fetch it back, the Puritans to destroy it. At a conclave, no agreement could be reached over a course of action, therefore a joint mission was set up, although with both parties having different secret agendas. Two new Inquisitors were ordered to collaborate to get to the item. The first mission sees the Inquisitors in a shanty town on Pravus 3, hunting a renegade Eldar Pirate who is believed to have access to the web way, or more specifically to the web way to access the Crone world. The Inquisitors must hunt down the Eldar, remove any bodyguards and subdue him in order to force him to take them to the Crone world. Unfortunately a puritan member of Ordos Xenos in the area, unaware of the presence of Odos Maleous agents, has ordered a deathwatch Space Marine to hunt down the Eldar and kill him and anyone associated with him.

    The players:
    Inquisitor Williams – Radical
    A thinker and an Adept at pyromancy, Williams is not the best shot but is competent in combat, he is carrying a bolt pistol and a power sword in his hands and has a force staff on his back, he has the ability – Fireball and is wearing Flack Armour on all locations except his head

    Inquisitor Ross – Puritan
    Ross is equally adept in combat or gunplay, Ross has arrogance beyond that even normally associated with Inquisitors, nor renown for his thinking, but has nerves of steel, Ross carries an assault shotgun with a reload, a power sword and 3 frag grenades, he is wearing carapace armour on his chest and abdomen and had flack elsewhere except his head

    Death watch Marine Paris
    The attributes of deathwatch marines are, I am sure well known to you gentle reader, he carries a MK IV bolt gun with a sickle magazine and 2 reloads, which he is strong enough to use in one hand, and a power sword, obviously he is wearing his powered armour, although has foregone his helmet. Paris will pretty much try and kill everyone

    Eldar Pirate – Luthiel
    Luthiel is the son of an eldar pirate leader, as such he is enigmatic and appears arrogant and aloof to humans, he has rather more exposure to humans than most Eldar and currently is traveling in-cognito on a human planet with his bodyguard. Luthiel is incredibly fast and skilled with a blade, not to mention a very good shot, he has Eldar robes on all locations except his head (as flack), and is carrying a dueling pistol with 3 reloads, a power sword, a Photon Flash grenade and a haywire grenade and a refractor field

    Lucrecia Magenta
    A gunfighter employed by Luthiel for additional protection and to keep other Mon Keigh at arms length, Lucrecia is a bully, very good with a gun, but now at all usefull with any sort of blade, she is wearing flack armour on all locations except her head and is carrying a pump action shotgun with 2 reloads and a stubber and is accompanied by her cyber hound

    Set up
    At the local store, every single piece of terrain they own that would remotely fit has been pressed into service as a shanty town, the table is roughly 8 ft by 4 ft.
    The Eldar is standing behind a shed at one of the short table ends (for argument the West end), waiting for his body guard, the players come on at the other short table end (east), standing either side of a street. The Marine enters the fray boldly strolling down a street at the middle of the south table edge, whilst the bodyguard is flitting from cover to cover on the east edge of the North table edge, no one has any line of sight.

    Turn 1:
    Luthiel was getting impatient, where was that damn Mon-Keigh he had hired, undecided if he should wait much longer he walked towards the edge of the shack he was sheltering behind, the area was very dubious and stuck to the shadows.

    Paris mean while had no intention of sticking to the shadows he trotted towards the center of the shanty town, a square with an imperial monument, knowing he was exposing himself to fire but confident that his powered armour would protect him and that any such fire would make finding the Xeno scum easier.

    Williams, his bolt pistol made ready, jogged forward, he could see a partly collapsed dwelling in front of him, a bout 20 yards before the central square of the shanty town, he advanced into the rubble using the ruined walls for cover.

    Ross, did a similar activity on the opposite side of the street, the two of them covering the street ahead, working for the moment, as a team, both nervous of the rumour of a deathwatch marine

    Lucrecia aware the shanty town was rife with criminal elements and cursing her employer for using the place as a meet, jogged to the corner of the shack in front of her and paused for breath. Emperors buttocks!, a deathwatch marine, she quickly ordered her cyberhound to attack, then shouldered her shotgun, bracing it against the rusty ironwork of the shack and drew a bead on the marine, praying the damn robot would absorb his attention.
    The hound raced across the open ground and leapt at the marine, Paris, saw the hound approaching, dropping low he leapt at the same time as the dog, bring his power sword in a dangerous underhand swing that caught the dog in mid air, knocking it back 3 yards and almost splitting it lengthways. The Cyber hound would be taking no further part in the proceedings unless someone was desperate for cover

    Turn 2,
    Luthiels reached the corner of the shack and started to sneak towards some ruins in the north east, crossing the east west road to the town center as he did so. He could see the smoking remains of a cyber hound.

    Paris snapped a burst of fire one handed from the hip at the owner of the cyber hound in front of him to encourage them to stop aiming, then ran to the nearest cover and started to aim, the bolter shots, hip fired on semi auto, even from a marine were never going to be too accurate, but one shot cut through the metal of the shack Lucrecia was using for cover and splinters of rusty metal dug into her left thy.

    Williams kneeling in cover had seen the hound race across the square, come spinning backwards to land in a pile of parts, hear the sharp reports of a bolter and seen the deathwatch marine run to cover, he had a clear view of the marine, and knew he was unlikely to get the asteries to talk in the middle of a fire fight. “OK lets do this the hard way? he muttered under his breath, resting his bolt pistol against some ruins, he took aim a the marine, at the same time, noticing sly movement in a street the other side of the square (the Eldar).

    Ross, still mirroring Williams, decided that he would take less time aiming and simply shouldered his assault shotgun and opened up on the marine, with his assault shotgun, 2 shot hit, but barely scratched the ornate powered armour.

    Lucrecia, gritting her teeth opened up on the marine with the shotgun, most of the shot bounced off the armour, but one of the blasts caught the marines face, unfortunately the range was so long and the marine was so powerful that the blast, which at a shorter range would have decapitated a normal man, seemed simply to enrage him and distort his features into a morass of blood and torn tissue.

    Turn 3
    Luthiel finished crossing the street and edged his way through the ruin, taking up a firing position with a clear line of sight to the marine with his dueling pistol.

    Paris finding himself attacked from both his front and right, spat out a broken tooth and prioritized his targets, he fired off a burst at the person who had shot him in the face, and with satisfaction saw her spin away behind the shack she was was using for cover, blood spraying from her arm and he shotgun cart-wheeling off, blown out of her hand, he then turned to the right, taking up a firing position where he could see the other clown with a shotgun.

    Williams, no longer able to see the marine he had been aiming at, stood and started to run round to flank the marine from the south.

    Ross, cursing his shotgun as ineffective, could see he now had the marines full attention, he pulled a frag grenade from his belt, primed and threw it, the throw was good, landing within a yard of the marine, however the undulating ruin he was using for cover made the grenade bounce wildly and it explode a good 8 yards behind the marine.

    Lucrecia lay on her back whimpering and biting back the pain and her head swam having been hit in the right arm by a shot from the marines bolter, her confidence had taken a hell of a knock, the marine had taken the best she had and then swatted her with contemptuous ease, she wasn’t sure what hurt more, that or the wound.

    Turn 4
    Luthiel aimed and fired, his first shot catching the armoured backpack of the marine did not damage, but he second, placed shot, caught the marine in the head, knocking him forwards. Luthiel ducked down and started to reload his pistol

    Paris shook his head, trying to clear it and struggling to rise

    Williams continued to edge round the flank of the marine, he got a bead on him and started to aim.

    Ross, starting to give up hope of hurting the marine, returned to his shotgun and continued to rain shells onto him, occasionally catching weaker bitts of armour

    Lucrecia struggled to her feet, not bothering to find her shotgun, she drew her stubber. There was no way she was going to even look round that corner, as silently as possible she started to flank her way round the north side of where she could hear someone trying to do the same thing she had tried with a shotgun.

    Turn 5.
    Lathriel finished reloading his pistol, fired twice at the marine, but each time the powered armour protected him. Lathriel started to reload again.

    Paris, now truly annoyed, leaped to his feet and sprinted towards the clown in front of him, (finishing the turn about 4 yards from Ross)

    Williams, seeing his comrade was in trouble, took a couple of hasty steps to his right so he could see the Marine charge. He knew that he was far from the best shot and it would take an exceptional piece of gunplay to take the charging marine in the head as he sprinted across his vision, any if he hit him anywhere else , the marine wouldn’t be stopped, Williams holstered his pistol and focused his will. Holding out his right hand, he knew he had to be quick, take more than a second and the marine would be on the damn Puritan, suddenly his right palm burst into flame, quickly Williams raised his arm and hurled the ball of flame, it caught the marine on his thy, blowing him sideways against a wall and hurting the marine badly. Williams allowed himself a smile, the Putritan would be incensed that he had been saved by Williams psychic powers.

    Ross was panicking as the marine sprinted towards him, he rapid fired his shotgun at the towering bringer of death fortunately, at the last minute, a ball of fire had blown the marine over, Ross aimed his shotgun at the pile of smoke and ruins where the marine had gone down and continued to pump shells into it.

    Lucrecia continued to flank round what sounded like a hell of a fire fight.

    Turn 6
    Luthiel, no longer able to see anyone, but having felt the presence of a psycher, started to run towards the fight, holstering his pistol and drawing his power sword as he ran

    Paris unsure of exactly what had hit him, knew that whatever it was it was the biggest threat to him, he leapt up from the ruins he had landed in as shotgun shells rained on his armour, grabing his sword he ran towards a figure staring at him in the direction the flame came from.

    Williams, amusement at saving the puritan with psychic abilities soon turned to horror as the powered armoured monstrosity rose and spinted towards him. Willimas knew he couldn’t outrun the marine, he would have to be extremely lucky to take him out with his bolt pistol, even if it wasn’t in his holster, so hoping that Ross would return the favour, he quickly switched his power sword into his right hand and ran to meet the marine. Williams, flicked his blade out towards the marines eyes, but Paris knocked the blade aside with his own, and tried to repost, but Williams stepped aside, bringing his blade round into the back of the Marines right leg, the sword bit but barley scratched the marine through the powered armour, twice more Willams struck at the marine, but each time the marine either caught it on his sword or his armour stopped most of the blow, Williams could see the marines eyes, unfocused at first, were now looking sharp, he reactions were getting quicker and his parries stronger, the Marine was obviously recovering from the fireball. Things were not looking good

    Ross saw the marine leap to his feet and sprint off to where his colleague was, cursing, he slung his shotgun and drew his power sword, leaping over the ruined wall in front of him, he sprinted after the marine. Even as he crossed the ground behind the Adeptus Astaries he could see that Williams would not last long, the marine was already starting to break Williams guard apart, Ross knew this had to be quick, he leapt forwards, bring his power sword down in a 2 handed stroke like a man cutting wood, it wasn’t pretty, but it caught the marines unarmoured head, splitting his skull, the man collapsed immediately.

    Lucrecia caught the felling of the marine from a doorway about 30 yards north, silently she braced her left arm against the door frame and shot at the 2 marine slayers with the stubber, pumping 4 shots in, she caught both of them in the leg, but she could tell they had only been glancing shots, the range was poor for a pistol.

    Turn 7,
    Luthiel ran across the square and closed on the 2 figures he could now see standing over the body of the marine

    Williams, panting from his exertion and now somewhat annoyed by some idiot taking pot shots with a stubber, sheathed his power sword and drew his bolt pistol, he aimed and fired, catching the stubber shooting in the groin, they collapsed and passed out

    Ross, spotting the Eldar target racing across the square, still on an adrenaline high from killing the marine, raced towards what was probably the most deadly hand to hand opponent on the field. As he reached Luthiel he spun, backswinging his sword, Luthiel, normally graceful, athletic and balanced beyond compare, stumbled as he started to parry, the Inquisitors ferocious swing caught the Eldar full in the chest, opening his ribcage and knocking him flying backwards. Ross gave a roar of triumph. (Ross with a single action left reached the Eldar- rolled a critical hit, Luthiel auto missed his parry, Ross put him in system shock with one strike to the chest)

    Williams swore under his breath, there is no excuse for stupidity, we needed the damn Eldar alive, He hoped the medics could get here before the Xeno bled out.

    To be continued….

    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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    Awesome, thanks for posting this. It was fun to read, and Ill be showing it to some of my friends to try and get them excited about starting a campaign.
    I am the Aquila-Guerilla!

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    Awesome... if I didn't want to play =][= before, I do now. :wub:
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