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    Hi, im a 40k player for a while now and im looking for something that has alittle more strategy to it and not so much horrible luck. i like the hobby side of miniature gaming and i love 40k but ide also like something that plays alittle more like chess if that makes sence.

    so i was wondering if someone would be kind enough to let me know how bfg plays. some of the game mechanics, average cost for a fleet, all the things a newbie would want to know.

    im thinking about starting but want to be sure its a game ide enjoy before dropping 50 bucks for the started, and do i even need the starter???

    i guess i should say some games that i do like for a bit of reference, i love 40k but it is sometimes just a mass of movement and the tables get so packed and things happen is such away that its hard to prevent or strategize. board games im a fan of are chess, go, and risk. and 3D chess is the best game ever made!!!

    so if anyone has alittle bit of time and feel like writing me a recomendation ide very much appreciate it. so thanks for your posts, and im ready to listen.

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    BFG is much more strategical and cheaper than 40k. The starter box is probably essential, but even if not it is extremely helpful and a very good deal. I say go for it. There are a couple of other threads on this page with lots of information for new players, so check them for more detail.

    I got 2 full fleets (2.5k and 3k) including the starter box which had everything I need to get started for $400 US including postage to Australia. Good luck getting even close to that with 40k...
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