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Thread: Patrol Size?

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    Patrol Size?

    I want to get some of my friend who currently do play 40k started on BFG but am not sure with what kind of battles to start with.

    How many points do you guys usually play for a nice game (say 1000 in 40k)?? Also how many points would you play to play BFG as a patrol (as the 40k in 40 mins 400 points in 40k)?

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    Well, BFG and 40K use similar points values for games. I have a 2500pt fleet, but that's only because I've been playing for a while. Games tend to run in the 1000-2000 range, same as 40K and Fantasy.

    Something to realize, though, is the difference. In BFG, you're paying 200-300pts for a single cruiser. Upwards of 400pts for a battleship. So a single ship in BFG is equivalent (points wise) to a whole unit in 40K terms.

    I'd say a good amount to start playing with is about 1000pts. That's about four cruisers, depending on which ones you select.

    Alternately, you could start playing with JUST escorts - escorts are the smallest ships, costing between 30 and 50 points apiece. One blister pack of escorts gives you a squadron of them (3-4 ships). You and your friend could each buy ONE blister of escorts and learn to play using just those if you like. It would be cheaper if you ended up disliking the game!

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