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Thread: This VS That!

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    This VS That!

    I'm just starting necromunda. Give your expert advice please.

    Heavy Bolter vs Heavy Stubber:
    I have given my only heavy a heavy stubber because he doesn't have any skills or any equipment that makes the heavy bolter seem worth the extra 60 creds. Anyone started a gang with a heavy bolter or gotten one in their first few games? Why?

    Club vs Chainsword:
    Both at S4 when you begin, the chainsword has the awesome parry ability, but it costs 15 creds more. I have now given all my gangers and gang leader chainswords...should I stick to clubs? Why?

    Auto vs Las:
    I only have 1 lasgun. All my other gangers and juves have autopistols. I decided that as lasguns are outright better, they are worth the 5 creds, but it's a lot harder to chose between laspistols and autopistols. Do you rather auto or las?

    Pistols vs Rapid Fire: As I said, only 1 of my guys actually has a rapid fire weapon. This choice is probably largely determined by your house? I am goliaths, and the only reason I have 1 lasgun is because after my first game the ganger has 3W and a red-dot. Do you prefer rapid firing, or hiding until you are quite sure you will hit using a pistol?

    I'd be happy for any kind of insight into how this game works.

    Quote Originally Posted by rikimaru View Post
    You have the option for instance of infiltrating, outflanking, pillboxing, or anti assault.

    And that's just with the Kroot.

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    All of these are really matters of personal choice..

    I'd always choose a heavy stubber.. Quantity is usually more important in Necromunda than quality, especially at the beginning.

    Not sure about clubs and chainswords.. I do tend to stick with clubs myself. They require less converting, since more models have them, and I tend to depend on shooting anyway, so expensive CC aids are not normally my thing.

    Auto vs Las..

    Lasguns are, obviouslly, better than autoguns, and you're right.. the extra 5 credits is so worth it it's not funny.. However, I really prefer autopistols to laspistols. Perhaps this is merely because I tend to use pistols in general as a sidearm so the increased possibility of running out of ammo doesn't carry much sting. I'd still go with a good old stubber with dum dum shells though.. just because I like them.

    Pistols vs Rapid Fire..

    Personal choice.. I've seen both do horrible things. Of course, the best option is to take both. Remember you can only rapid fire once you get the skill, so, as you say, it's determined by your house, your skill preferences and your dice rolling.

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