This is my new gang, I created them out of a IG boxed set and allot of conversion. + a few spares I had lying around. I have given equipment and a bit of background on each fighter, plus the territories I got. tell me what you all think, fair warning its LOOONG!

Luke Delano: Gang Boss

Meltagun, frag grenades, knife.

Luke is not one of your typical 'in your face' gang leaders, he prefers to blast OTHER people in the face from a distance with his 'mega burna'. He leads the Children by virtue of being the only fully ranked survivor of the 'Steel Skulls' gang. luke has a very caviler attitude towards life, he tends to use very reckless but effective tactics like having himself and his two ranking officers go off to play 'kill teem'.

Bertha Bones: Second in command. Ganger.

Las gun, frag grenades, knife.

Bertha is a Under Lifer, both her parents were born down hive and so was she. Her mother was a Ratskin Scout and her father the second boss of the steel skulls. She was one of the only adult survivors of the attack that destroyed the Skulls and thus is the most trusted member of the gang. Though she wasn't a skull herself she was FAMILY and is a main part of why the gang will accept female juves who have the guts to demand to join.

Ajax War Oaque: Ganger, recruiting officer.

Las pistol, frag grenades, knife.

Ajax is a outcast Delaque with a shady past. From what he will tell he was the son of a Delaque patriarch. When his father died his brother tried to have him killed, but he escaped and fled down hive. He found he liked it there and changed his name. Some time later he fell in with the fleeing survivors of the Skulls. He's been working with them ever since.

Jessy 'the pyro' Pizaros: Heavy

Flamer, knife.

Jessy is another survivor of the Skulls. She held off four of the Goliath toughs for six minutes before the convoy of refugees moved past and she jumped onboard. Her flamer is her most prized possession and the source of her nickname. She has told everyone in no uncertain terms that the first two hand flamers the gang finds are HERS! Everyone else is worried about why she wants them so much.

Mike Mestrae: ganger

las gun, knife

Mike too remembers the day that the Skulls were wiped out, though he was only a juve when it happened he still has the scars to prove it. he shot and killed three of the Goliath's that formed the front line before he ran. Mike is still very bitter and though mot of the gang has moved on mike has vowed that if he ever catches those particular goliath bastards again he will make a coat out of their scalps.

Joeseph Delano: ganger.

las gun, knife.

Joe is Luke's younger brother. The two of them fought back to back during the 'night of long knives' and have a deeply respectful relationship. Joe wants to get a better weapon as soon as he can, Preferably a melta like his brother. Joe was a juve in the skulls and helped rescue Jessy, the two have had an 'on again-off again' relationship ever since. Unlike most of the gang Jessy's borderline pyromania has never bothered him, he wants to buy her a hand flamer as a present.

Rock: ganger

Las gun, fist ( does not cary a knife cause he doesn't need one.)

Rock is a hulking mountain of a man he regularly fires off his las gun one handed while bashing some poor schmuck in the head with his other hand. Though he looks like a goliath he has an old van saar gang tat on his left shoulder. This is about all that is known of Rocks past. he has total amnesia from about four months ago on back. The Children found him knocked out in the waist while they were running. Though they normally would have striped him and left him there Bertha recognized the tat and insisted he be brought with them. Rock is Bertah's constant attendant and a running betting pool among the juves has ever increasing wagers on whether or not they are going to 'get together'. (If all the wagers could REALY be
called in at this point half the hive would change hands.)

Cain Cheng: Juve.

bolt pistol, knife

Cain is a very odd man. He claims to be a member of the noble house Ko Iron who "Just got sick of the damn spire." He always is carrying a large box which he will never explain or open. If the children weren't so hard up for fighters they wouldn't have anything to do with him.

Basius Murelm: Juve

bolt pistol, knife

Basius is Cain's man, he follows him and fights with him. The two came as a package deal. However
Basius is a van saar, why exactly he follows cain is something neither of them will talk about.

Macve Naezm: Juve

Bolt pistol, knife.

This boy started following the Skulls refugees out in the waists by Slag Town, he doesn't say much and has a perpetually very set determined expression, Though he is van saar he keeps to himself. The only person he will talk to is Lilah and she wont say much about what they talk about.

Lilah Dupree: juve

Bolt pistol, knife.

Lilah was too young to fight in the battle where the skulls gang was destroyed but she remembers the night. She is the first member of the old skulls families to join in with the Children of Steel as a new juve now that they have finally settled down. In her the Children see a hope for the future. Many suspect that she and Macve are 'an item' but Luke says "thats none of anyones business but theirs." He too privately suspects a relationship.


31: Settlement
34: Settlement
51: Water Still
26: Mineral Outcrop
41: Tunnels

The Children of Steel have taken over one of the smaller local domes for their exclusive use. A couple of gangs are objecting to this but the Children have held their claim so far. there would likely be much more objection if they had not stated publicly that they only want the one dome and are going to make it into a official town & trading post, like Glory Hole or Dust Falls. Their families have set up a small town near one wall and have a water still going. On the other side of the dome a igneous adamantorite deposit has a had mining settlement built next to it. both are connected by the old maintenance tunnel system, and both are fortified.

So, I know that was allot to wade through but what do you think?