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Thread: [4000] Eldar

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    [4000] Eldar

    Someone created a 4000 point eldar list, and I though I'd try my hand at it
    580- Void stalker w- pirate prince, 3 rerolls
    380- Void stalker
    750- 3x Eclipse class cruiser
    840- 6x Aurora class light cruiser
    480- 4x 3 Nightshades
    960- 8x 3 Hemlocks

    I don't like weapon batteries. And I like pulsar lances. This is partially intended to face necrons, although really it's a take all comers list.

    Can eldar survive in battles this big, when there isn't enough terrain to hide behind?

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    Necrons vs. Eldar is probably one of the best matches you can have in BFG, because no two fleets differ more.

    All those lances will help you immensely, keeping the Necrons braced, but your best bet will be to stay as far away from the Necrons as you can, because Necron weapons are murder to Eldar holofields. One solid volley from a squadron of Necron escorts will cripple any Eldar cruiser or battleship.

    As Eldar, Craftworld Eldar, but Eldar nonetheless, my best successes against the Necrons have involvled pouring a lot of ordnance at the Necrons, because the second they get an opportunity to shoot at the Eldar, they will put a hurting on them.
    The primary weakness of the Necron fleet is their devastatingly cruel Victory Points table.

    WHFB: Dwarfs || WH40k: Imperial Fists, Necrons || WM/H: Trollbloods || BFG: Necrons

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