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    Epic Necromancers

    I am the creator of Codex: Necromancers, in the Rules Development section of Librarium-Online. I want to expand the army into Epic 40K, but I don't know how and nor do any of my fellow designers in Rules Development. Cany anyone help me?

    The Grand Necromagus of the LO Codex: Necromancers Design Team.

    The Supreme Lance Leader of the Codex: Wasters Design Team.

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    i dont play epic but intend to get into soon
    ill help you some but agian i dont play it so dont expect much
    if you read the rules (www.special-games.com) it would help
    1.alright for one thing youve gotta drop all your wargear stuff epic doesnt have wargear
    2. spec weaps will become one category (such as epic big shootas represtn everything form rockit launcha to big shootas)
    3. design some more vehicles imp guard get many more than reg 40k
    4 if you want to design titans and super eavy tanks be my gueat theyll help
    5. make aerospace fighters and some kind of aa unit
    this is just general the thing about epic is specifics from 40k are dropped to allow more units (ironically forgeworld is trying to bring many epic units to 40k)
    "My troops can eat their belts. But my tanks gotta have gas."
    General George S. Patton
    my armies
    "They have a gun called the death arc!They are now my favorite 40k race!"me quoting about the xenarch
    The home page of my army

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