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    Discussion: Eldar.

    Hello my star gazing comrades. :-)

    I created this post to help players fight Eldar. (Including myself :-) )

    As for a little background, I personally only have two friends who play this game, one owns Eldar and the other owns Imperials, Chaos and guess who, Eldar. However the latter player loves to play his Eldar and I rarely play him in any case, just barily enough for mentioning. So as you can see I have plenty of experience to contribute concerning Eldar.

    So kindly post your questions, tactics, and ideas for fighting Eldar.

    NOTE: this is fairly abreviated as I don't know yet if expanding more will be useful to many players, so I figure why waste my time if such is the case. If I get enough responses or questions from players I may go into fighter tactics, using capitol ships as bait(and still be able to keep them alive), how I incorporate Space Marines and why, different ways to tempt Eldar players to come to you, fleet lists and so on. As for now this is primarily a discussion as opposed to a "guide." Again if you want me to expand on my ideas just let me know. I'm more than happy to answer any question or debate and idea, rule or tactic in a friendly manner.

    +++Happy Gaming.+++


    Highlights for forming an army/fleet list:

    --Gun batteries are more or less, the only useful item against Eldar.

    Why: Eldar get essentially a +2 save against everything else you toss at them, at least this way you only get a column shift to the right.
    The only time I'd get any thing other than GB(gun batteries) would be when I'm against a new Eldar player. If that is the case, I try to scare him with torpedos in order to buy me time and disrupt his formation.

    --Range is a must.

    Why: Simply put: the more range you have, the less distance you need to travel.

    --Escorts are a must, this being said it is notable to mention, swords are the perfect Eldar predators.

    Why: Your escorts are your life line, NOT CANNON FODDER, use them to protect your flank. A common Eldar tactic is either flying past you directly or working their way out of your fire arcs. Swords also have 2 turrets if I am not mistaken, which is very useful.
    Also if you have enough escorts you can advance and possibly catch the Eldar. This however is not suggested for the new player.
    If I had a choice between spending points on my Emperor Class Battle ship and escorts, I would pick sword escorts, hands down.

    --I also only ever bring starfighters to combat their fighters and bombers.

    Why: Your bombers and boarding craft are practically useless against eldar ships due to holofields.


    The following is just one of my "template tactics"(meaning it is a base to start from and I alter and form the plan to fit the enemy I am facing that day) for fighting Eldar and have found it is one of the better tactics against them. Please note this is assuming one is fighting a veteran player.

    My Tacticin short)

    In this tactic I charge (sticking together the whole way, trust me don't split up your forces unless you have one heck of an idea) with my bow facing them as often as possible going "all ahead full." I also have at least one carrier, often this is my Emperor class, deploy fighters. Obviously he is not on all ahead full and really he doesn't need to be. Once I feel I have them well within my range I'll turn, present my broadside (unless it is an escort) and open fire, aiming for their escorts first. Once my turn is you can bet I will be using "brace for impact" and will be praying to the dice gods.

    Unfortunately I can rarely close range, so my Emperor and my heavy cruiser usually do most of the work. Perhaps this is due to the fact we make the board fairly large, which is at least a small dinner table in size.



    I don't wish to sound like a wimp but, I strongly feel the Eldar are way to powerful despite their point cost. I get tired of only using gun batteries and fighters exclusively, after all who wouldn't. It really LIMITS the game and gives Eldar a large comfort zone of predicability.

    The only true victory I get out of Eldar is their expression every time I suggest playing Necrons. Which honestly is also annoying that they cry about Necrons being beardy or cheezy. Perhaps they should look at their advantages over everyone else and see that is how we feel about them. Maybe that is just me.

    I am one of those guys who likes the image of engaging fleets melting into one another. A twisting, turning, flashing ball of war, guns blazing, ships bursting. However with Eldar all you can do is: charge, get shot, get shot, try to shoot, get shot, move, get shot, try to shoot, get shot, get shot, get shot. The tactic gets really old and has so few dimensions, not to mention you feel cheap when the oponent blows you away and you only catch a few of them, or possibly only damage them.

    To make things worse my oponent will often retreat if it looks like I have him cornered, I consider this a moral victory but it still feels demeaning. (I.E. we reach the end of the board if I have any fleet left) If the mission if based on turns then the Eldar almost always wins. When I did a "protect the supply ship" mission I pulled off an "incredible" defense (in his words) and still lost. I lost 8 of 10 supply ships, we played a large game which explains the large number of supply ships.

    The Eldar have so many advantages while the only thing I see the Imperium has going for it other than mediocracy is their bow and generous load of torpedos, both of which are often useless against Eldar. However, I am proud to say I have pulled off a respectable number of victories and have never been a poor loser which is victory in and of itself.

    So what do you think, do you feel the same way? Do you think I'm a ninny? Post your opinion and justify your thoughts!

    I apologise if I have an abnormal ammount of grammatical errors, spelling errors, or if my thoughts are a bit scatter-brained and so on, I am not feeling my best. However, how can I say no when I have a little insparation to write and the time?

    P.S.Question, do Eldar have to roll against every wave of bombers or each individual attack a bomber does after rolling.

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    First of all, in response to your P.S. holofields grant a save to each hit from all of the various special weapons except nova cannons- you get one save against all D6 hits (or just the one, depending on the accuracy of the shot).

    I do agree that the Eldar have very positive benefits, but I feel that this only hightens the challenge and that you should feel great pride in that you have produced such a document that will serve many people well in the great stuggle against this trickiest of enemies.

    Your first comments are steadfast; everyone dislikes holofields and knows that the only way forward is through masses of weapon batteries. Wrong! Inflicting hits on eldar ships with other weapons, regardless of what that weapon may be (or indeed attack craft), only has positive effects. By passing a holofield save, the eldar player must place a blast marker on the ship. Now, if you consider that Eldar ships do not have shields, and the fact that any ship without shields that touches a blast marker at any point during its movement phase takes a hit on a 6+, you have yourself a very effective weapon. Even Gothic Class Cruisers are valuable against these foul xenos. Escorts in particular do not like this tactic

    You make a comment about range; what do you suggest taking in an Imperial fleet? In a reversal from 40K Imperial fleets are designed to engage at close range while chaos fleets hide at the back blasting away (for which I was eternally grateful for the 'reserve fleet' rules in armada). Other than these few-and-far-between vessels there is very little available (you can't exactly fill you entire points with Retribution class Battleships, especially since you'll want an Emperor class to deal with all the attack waves).

    You mentioned using torpedoes to disrupt the eldar formations; while this is a viable option against inexperienced players but it is worth pointing out that you must never, EVER split your fleet due to eldar torps. Doing so will lose you the game, as the individual flanks are sniped at in turn by the whole of the eldar fleet.

    Necrons. Aren't they great for irritating eldar players. I don't think I've come across one who hasn't moaned about the cheese. Even though only one vessel, the slowest they possess, has access to their star pulse whatever weapon of doom. Do they moan when they get electromagnetic bursts or solar flares on the 'terrain' generator? No.

    I hope my comments have proved helpful to furthering your post, and also in themselves aided anyone browsing for tactics on how to best this alien filth. As in the words of Macharius (possibly): "You may as well try to catch starlight in your hand that bring the Eldar to battle"
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