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    New to Necromunda

    Hey Guys,
    At my wargaming club, I found the necormunda rulebook sitting around in the cupboard, and had a bit of a look. Doesn't look to bad. I remember a Necromunda campaign happening at my club a while back, but I wasn't in it (obviously).

    I think I'll go with scavvies, just proxy some models, see if anyone wants a game (hopefully someone who knows the rules) and see if I like it.

    I concocted a Scavvy list whilst bored the other day and came up with this (can't remember points ATM)-

    -Scavvy Leader: Shotgun, Sword.

    -2xScalie: Spear Gun, Massive Axe.

    -5xMutants: Claws, clubs, handbows.

    -8xScavvies: Handbows, clubs.

    I think that was it. I think some good things in this list are the Scalies, which to me appear to kick ass.

    The mutants will be hitting at str 5, which should put a good dint in anything they come up against.

    I chose the handbows because they are cheap, and not that bad IMO.

    -Just a note: I don't really know much about Necromunda, so feel free to rip the list apart and tell me what's good/bad about it.

    Thanks guys!:w00t:

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    Good to see anew prospect for necromunda
    Welcome to the under hive (temporalaly)

    Anyways, i'm not much of a scabies expert but it look pretty good.

    Just remember you only have 1000 credits to start...(not sure of how much it costs)

    good luck.

    P.S. if you like it, try and get more people into it, necromunda needs all the players it can get...

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