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    A little fluff creation....

    Hey mates,

    Cirqumeter had a good idea recently. He suggested that we could make some fun kind of "guide to piracy in the 41st millenium." I suppose this would be fluff for all the less legitimate space travel going on in the galaxy. Background for games of privateer if you will. Would go nicely with the clan too.

    I would say that other than the merchant families, every other free captain would probably be smuggling or raiding. So lets throw some ideas around.
    What does the navy or Arbites do about illegal shipping? Where is it a big problem? Some famous figures would be fun too.

    I think it could make a nice fluff article. I know you guys have a good imagination, have at it !

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    Well... I'd assume that the Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Necrons, Chaos, and Tyranids could care less about combatting smugglers and piracy, as most of them are doing it or are too alien to care about it. Space Marines are forbidden to have ships that are designed for strictly naval actions. That leaves Tau, and the Imperial Navy. I'm clueless on Tau fluff.

    What would the Imperials do to combat it? There's a couple Grand Cruisers that are designed to operate alone, and we hear about squadrons of Cobra's on patrol with Light Cruisers. It's the 40somethingth millenium of only war, so I'd bet there's a lot of shooting first and asking questions later, no?

    I'd bet on huge smuggling on the Tau border, we humans love that forbidden alien tech, and The Greater Good is always up for recruiting new races or trading with them. The drifting hulks of countless space battles are as much a prize for 'freelance salvage operators' as for a naval captain, I'd imagine military tech in civilian hands would raise a few eyebrows... and bank accounts. I'd bet that there are certain 'uninhabited' worlds out there with the advanced tech of races long (thought) dead laying about that smugglers would love to get their hands on... that the Adeptus Mechanicus would prefer was theirs. (Think of nuclear technology in the world today... people kill to get it, others kill to prevent it's proliferation)

    Not to mention the fact that a powerful Merchant House granted (or able to bribe enough for or otherwise procure) the exclusive shipping rights to a certain good on a certain shipping lane would be able to charge whatever they wanted to their customers... as long as they could maintain the monopoly. A 'speculator' with a cargo of that particular luxury item could make a killing undercutting these more... legitimate... avenues. (Think alcohol in the US in the 1930's... an illegal... but certainly not immoral, commodity) This one could happen anywhere, but more likely in the Solar Segmentum where the hand of the Empire is heaviest.

    The Inquisition is an implacable enemy. Many know that innocence does not preclude death, and would be forced to run and hide from such a powerful force. A group of people who have for some reason been labelled "heretics" or "mutants" would have to outrun the hand of death or other forms of persecution. They'd want an experienced rocket jockey unafraid to outrun the worst the Empire could throw at them. (Think of the Jedi in Star Wars)
    This one would happen wherever the Inquisiton tossed it's witchhunters.
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