Ok, here's the idea. We get a lot of folks asking how to go about making up a fleet list for a particular race. How about if we each put together a legal list and gather two from each fleet in an article for newbies to look at coming in. I'd be willing to put together the lists, but I don't know enough about anything but Imperial to put it together.

Let's see... How about a 1000 pointer and a 1500 pointer for each race? That's a good newbie size list to give folks something to start from, and after they've played that point range they'll have their own ideas about what they want to take out or put in to get to higher point totals. Try to include some simple tactics, maybe three or four sentences, with each one, maybe. I'm not sure what format we should use for them, maybe suggestions on that or just examples would be good too.

Here's my Imperial list:

Cadian Bastion Fleet List

Emperor Class Battleship (350 points)
-Fleet Admiral (50 points)
-Shark Assault Boat Upgrade (5 points)

Mars Class Battlecruiser (270 points)
-Cadian Veteran Captain (50 points)

Lunar Class Cruiser (180 points)
Gothic Class Cruiser (180 points)
Dauntless Class Light Cruiser (110 points)

[Reserve Rules] Dominator Class Cruiser (190 points)

Cobra Class Escort Squadron (120 points)