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    Vogen Campaign 2.0

    Due to losing more than a few players to a Border Princes WFB campaign, the switchover from Cityfight to City of Death and a few new players signing up the decision was made to restart the Vogen campaign.

    As a result, the following armies are arrayed at the end of turn one of Vogen 2.0.
    A= Iron Warriors Chaos Space Marines (1pt. Cartel House Dwellings)
    B= Feral Orks (0pts.)
    C= Ordo Hereticus Witchunters (2pts. Vogen Theatre House)
    D= Space Wolves (4pts. North Road Gate)
    E= Tyrannids (1pts. Imperial Senate House)
    F= 13th Company (0pts.)
    G= Farsight Enclave Tau (0pts.)
    H= Kroot Mercenaries (1pts. Hab Beta)
    I= Relictors Space Marines/Daemonhunters (1pts. Hab Gamma)
    J= Iyanden Craftworld Eldar (1pts. Hab Delta)
    K= 322nd Praetorian Regiment (Imperial Guard and my army, since I was convinced to take part). (0pts.)
    L= Alaitoc Craftworld Eldar (0pts.)
    M= Blood Angels Space Marines (2pts. Railhead Terminus)
    N= 11th Harkonis Dragons (Imperial Guard Armoured Company) (2pts. 122nd Cadian Headquarters)
    O= Raven Guard Space Marines (0pts.)
    P= Emperor's Children Chaos (0pts.)
    Q= Ultramarines (0pts.)
    R= Sisters of Battle (2pts. Administrative Quarter)
    S= Lost and the Damned (4pts. Water Purification Plant, Angel Square)
    T= Daemonhunters (4pts. Arbites Precinct House)
    U= Goths Orks (0pts.)
    V= Tau Empire (2pts. Trading Houses)
    W= Ulthwe Strike Force (0pts.)
    X= Necrons (0pts.)

    Since CoD was released last night the campaign kicked off again with a lot of reading through the rulebook. All battles were Omega level over 4 by 6 foot tables.

    In a relatively uneventful nights action most of the players avoided battles until they got used to the new rules. Early action included.

    - The Iron Warriors (A) and Necron forces (X) met in combat in the Cartel House Dwellings to the north of the city. The Iron Warriors forced the Necrons to fade out, claiming the buildings.
    - The Feral Orks ( attacked the area where the Ordo Hereticus army (C) entered Vogen. The Orks succeded in claiming the area, leaving the Witchunters blocked inside the Vogen Theatre House.
    - The mysterious 13th Company (F) were drawn into a battle for the Spaceport Complex with a Tau force alligned with Farsight (G, since the whole army was painted in Farsight colours and fitted the rules in Tau Empire, the decision was made to allow the army to be built using the rules despite not having Farsight himself in the army). In a High Ground mission, the Tau force claimed the Spaceport, driving the enemy back.
    - The Alaitoc army (L) invaded to point where the 322nd Praetorian (K) entered the city. Despite this downright unsporting tactic (which was a little understandable when the alternative was picking a fight with a veteran Blood Angels player) the Praetorian managed to drive off the Alaitoc scouts in a battle of snipers (I went heavy on Sniper Rifles in my infantry squads). As a aside, whoever removed the rule that Path-Finders can't use the disruption table in Cities of Death opened up a whole world of trouble.
    - The Goths Orks (U) attacked the deployment area uised by the mainstream Tau (V). The Orks claimed the sector while the Tau moved into the Trading Houses.

    All in all, a interesting first night for the new rules. First impression personally is that the new rules are interesting (I know it's hardly deep but I had little experience of the old rules).

    Edited to change references to Tallarn to Praetorian (since I suffered a brainfart and got the regiments name wrong.

    Last edited by Darkthunder; June 7th, 2006 at 20:35.

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