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    the sci-fi series project.

    ok all, most of us are probebly avid sci-fi fans and i thought we all might get together and have a go at creating a populr sci-fi fleet. knowing that id probebly overpower these said fleets i thought it might be an idea to do this as a group project in the BFG forum.

    what i propose is that we all build and design a famous scifi factions fleet and them place them in a single thread.

    fleets to build around for example might include the galactic empire, the federation, the gou'ald and even the vorlons.

    post your ideas on any fleet you would like to write rules for here and maybe we could get something going.

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    I like the idea; I know it has been tried before to varying degrees of success. If I was to vote on fleets, then I would say the Federation - it has a vast array of support material upon which to base ship classes. More than willing to stretch my long-rested BFG creative muscles if others want to participate.

    May I suggest:


    -Prometheus (small but advanced)


    -Danube Runabout

    -Phasers = batteries
    -Pulse phasers = bombardment cannon (unsure bout this)
    -Photon/quantum torpedos = lances (they are more direct fire as opposed to the lomg burn style BFG is used to)
    -Fighters = shuttles
    -Bombers = bigger shuttles

    This is just a random throwing together of ideas, actual classes can be better defined later on. Another thing in support of the Star Trek universe is that if the Feds fleet is a success, then we can move onto the Klingons, Romulans, Borg etc etc etc...

    It can be said that fitting the Star Trek universe into the 40K one is impossible due to their vast differences (including ship sizes - BFG ships are meant to be much bigger than Star Trek ones). However, I dont propose we try and integrate them at all, just create a new fleet for the heck of it and say they are similar sizes etc.

    Just my 2 cents...

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