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    Help with Chaos Tactics?

    Well, here's the deal.

    I love the Imperial ships, and they are my style of play. I have read tactica and done some squadronning stuff, a bit of simulating, a few short games with them. I have some idea, when they take to the sky, what I want from each ship and what to expect.

    Here's the deal... I can't find opponents (Yeah... Been in that boat?), so I picked up a Chaos fleet peiced together from the parts in the starter set and a few models I bought. But... I have no idea how to use them at all. I was placed in the position of giving my Imperial fleet (and some overly-useful tactical advice :wacko: ) to a newbie and used the Chaos fleet against him.

    I stuck them on the board and had no idea what I was doing with them. I ducked a long-range torpedo spread I should have used fighters against, and tried to play them pretty much as an Imperial fleet. I got slaughtered, and not the good kind with the speed and lots of guns.

    Here's my fleet:

    Styx Heavy Cruiser w/ Warlord, (ld8 ) Lost

    Repulsive Class Grand Cruiser Dead End

    Murder Class Cruiser Searing Pain

    Carnage Class Cruiser End Of Days

    Slaughter Class Cruiser Backstab

    3x Iconoclasts War Cries

    3x Iconoclasts Forsaken Tears

    I'll admit, it's a near copy of my Imperial list with Chaos fill-ins. Help! I read this from rp252 over again since playing... I think my fleet's solid, but now how do I use it?

    Quote Originally Posted by rp252
    I'll give a quick breakdown of the Chaos cruisers to help you decide:

    Murder - The basic 'workhorse' crusier of the Chaos fleet. Fairly large and long ranged batteries alongside some deceptively useful prow lances. Tends to work well in pairs.

    Slaughter - Fast and has impressive short ranged weaponry for a cruiser. Can act as fire support for roving escort squadrons, as a line breaker, or a nippy flanking unit. Be careful that they dont become isolated from the rest of your fleet due to their speed - lone ships are easy pickings for enemy fleets.

    Carnage - I love the carnage. Lots of long range weapons batteries. Eldar players will hate this ship, for good reason - it turns their ships into expanding clouds of wreckage if it manages to bring weapons to bear.

    Devastation - A nice little carrier, and not too expensive. Carriers are important in a chaos fleet to give you ample ordnance cover and the ability to launch your own bomber/assault boat attacks.

    Acheron - A lance boat. The weaker of the three heavy cruisers IMO, but quite cheap and can fire from range with little worry of reduced effect.

    Hades - Basically a Murder class with some dorsal lances. A good heavy cruser if you want to add some direct fire punch to your fleet.

    Styx - An expensive heavy cruiser, but worth it. It has large launch bays and decent long range weaponry. Stick a chaos lord in this and let it pump out as many attack craft as it can.

    Escorts would be a good way to go after the first four cruisers. Several squadrons of escorts and a few more cruisers and you will have a nice big fleet with which to play. Avoid getting a battleship until you have around 1500 points of ships as they tend to be a bit of a points sink in smaller games. Also, a trap that Chaos players tend to fall into quite often is using the Planet Killer in small games. Do not be overly impressed with this beast of a ship; it can kill alot, but is a waste of points in smaller games in which it will get outmaneuvered and shot to pieces from the rear. Grand cruisers are another interesting part of the Chaos fleet which you should look into at some point.

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    Hey Rogoth, how are things mate?

    Your fleet composition looks OK. Infidels are good - you need torpedoes so maybe replace your Iconoclasts? I'm not sure about the Repulsive; it is a bit slow compared to the rest and doesn't really compliment the fleet well. I would personally go for another Murder/Slaughter or a Devastation and a few more escorts. Up to you at the end of the day though

    Right, well the main thing to remember about the Chaos fleet is that it cannot be used like the Imperial one. The Chaos fleet has far fewer torpedoes and lacks the prow armour of Imperial vessels. Most weapons are mounted on the broadside, but these provide hefty long ranged firepower. The loss of armour is made up for by the addition of speed. Another advantage is that Chaos can throw out plentiful numbers of attack craft (all hail the Styx!). As such, the Chaos fleet demands a slightly different approach.

    Some things to keep in mind when playing Chaos are the following:
    - You are going to need a good carrier (or two) to pump out fighters in order to soak up those torpedoes. Breaking formation to avoid a torpedo salvo is hardly convenient when closing with the opposing fleet. A Styx class heavy cruiser is an absolute must of a fleet IMO.
    - You are going to be reloading ordnance often, so a few re-rolls are nice to have
    - You have assault boats by default - they are very useful so don't overlook them.
    - They are fast. A good 25% fast than Imperial counterparts. Use this to your advantage when closing and retreating from the Imperials and when trying to redeploy your forces.
    - Chaos ships work alright independently. However, they work so much better in pairs. A pair of Slaughters can cripple another cruiser in a single round of firing with a bit of luck. You know this from Imperial fleet tactics, but it counts even more so with chaos - concentrate your fire.

    Some more things to keep in mind when fighting against imperials are:
    - You are an Imperial commander, so think how you would tackle a Chaos fleet and play with that in mind.
    - Imperials have heavy frontal armour, so to beat them you need to split their fleet or get behind/amongst them. There are two tactics I use for this and I'll explain them later.
    - Carriers hate nova cannon. Try and get his nova cannon armed ships to brace as often as possible.
    - Close in maneouvers (like crossing the T etc) work as well for chaos as they do Imperial

    So, how do you split them? Two tactics I use:

    1. Keep the Imperial fleet at arms reach and hit them with your long range weaponry whilst encircling their fleet. You can split your fleet into two forces and send them around either flank. This way, it does not matter which force the enemy turns to face, some of your ships will have a shot at their stern. For this tactic to work you will need two carriers; one for each force. The carrier that the enemy turns to face will need to churn out fighters to shoot down the inevitable rain of torpedoes, the other can launch sneaky bombing runs. If your opponent splits his fleet and tries to meet both your forces you can turn all your ships into his, fly through his fleets and combine your two forces in the middle. You then have his fleet unintentionally split - a good tactical position to be in. Alternatively you can send you whole fleet around one flank and use your speed to get you around the back of the enemy fleet. This doesn't work as well as the first method however. Whichever route you take, it is important that you use your speed and long range weapons to keep the Imperials at arms length and stop them from returning fire. This tactic suits longer ranged vessels - murder, carnage, hades, styx.

    2. Wade on in - kind of risky but can work very well. Array your fleet for battle opposite to the enemy fleet and close as quickly as you can. The Imperial fleet will usually reciprocate and close head on with you, pumping out a mighty wave of torpedoes as it does. So, 6+ front armour... how are you going to hurt that. Well, lots of the chaos ships have prow lances, meaning that all that fancy adamantium is for nothing. Murder and styx class will be able to contribute two lances each . Any other prow weapons can contribute but are unlikely to do much. As you close you need to pump out plenty of fighters to absorb the torpedoes. Try and concentrate fire on any nova cannon armed ships - get them to brace to limit the amount of cannon shots they can get. When you get within roughly 40cm of the Imperials (try and do it quickly to avoid too much torp/nova attention) AAF some slaughters into the heart of the enemy fleet. Shoot all your available weapons at one cruiser (you should be able to cripple it) and launch any torpedoes you have at the imperials. You can also launch some bombers. Then, place your slaughters on brace for impact(!!!). The next turn the Imperials will have some cruisers in their ranks, and plenty more on the way along with some ordnance. Whatever happens next you are at the advantage:
    - They will likely panic and engage the two Slaughters. In which case the rest of the fleet can move amongst them and deliver punishing broadsides into the sides and rear of the Imperial Ships.
    - They may ignore the Slaughters and move on to engage the rest of the fleet. You then have two unmolested Slaughters behind the enemy ships - bargain!
    Ships good for this tactic include slaughter (duh!), murder and repulsive class.

    Well, thats all I can think of at the moment...hopefully it will help you in your next game. These tactics don't always go exactly as written, but it's you job to vary them slightly to the opponent/fleet/task and terrain your mission throws at you. Good luck mate!

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