Not sure if this will get a reply as this part of the site seems awfully quiet.

I have been reinstating my Eldar 2nd ed. Space Marine force. I have added quite a few units to it including some of the new stuff. Of course this has caused many problems as the older rules are completely incompatible with the newer version. Also the new rules do not include several of the older models.

I have tried NetEpic but am unconvinced - I know many people rave about it. However I have had severe problems getting my only opponent to agree to almost any of the stat changes. It would appear that many of the units are now overpowered. The rules for the new fliers in particular have turned them into one unit army killers. He is even unhappy with with his IG rules as they seem to have thrown so many restrictions out just to be able to use more Marine units.

Just wondered if others have tried using the rules and experiemced similar problems - or found that as a whole the rules seem to work?