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View Poll Results: Do the rules allow having hired guns your first game?

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    A Question about hired guns.

    Hey everybody, I would like some advice.

    My local game store has been working on starting a Necromundia 'extended tourny'. I was asked to be one of the organizers, naturaly I accepted. Because I am not the most freindly person anyway I was put down as the 'hatchet man', I tell the folks the things they dont want to hear. (Like, 'the party's over'.) Now all this is relevent to the topic because we have hit a small snag.

    Everyone was required to submit a ganglist before the first game (Saturday two weeks from now.) and several of them had hired guns. Now it was the organizers veiw that you had to get hired guns after your first game, but just over half of the players said they felt it was the other way. Things go heated and "conversation" turned ugly but we were able to reach an agreement. The problem would be submitted to binding nutral arbetration: YOU. Which ever position the LO comunity aproves will become the official rules of the 'extended tourny' for the rest of its existance, however long that is.

    So Vote in the poll and help us decide, we dont have much time to spare...

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    It is allowed right from the start of the campaign. If you look at page 108 of the Necromunda rulebook (the printed one) or page 100 of the online rulebook then you will see. The first line under the title "recruiting hired guns" states "A player can recruit Hired Guns when he creates his gang."

    As such, it is permissible to take hired guns right from the start; you do not need to have played a game in order to take them. Whether this is a good idea or not is up to the player

    Hope ths helps mate.


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    I agree with rp252 there, it does indeed state that in the rulebook.

    On the other hand, if the tourney organisers feel like running the campaign without new gangs being able to take hired guns, thats their perogative, so long as everyone is well informed, I guess. They just wont be backed up by the rulebook if they want to use that as their reasoning.

    I must admit, hired guns in a new gang at a tourney can really be quite powerful, seeing as they start out with a whole bunch of skills and stat advances and dont actually cost very much - the guy who won at the tourney I played on the weekend was using two hired guns both with fast draw skill, which really helped in the shootout mission I played against him.

    (turns out I should have beaten him too, he queried about a situation and we were told that scalies dont get pinned as they cause fear, but i cant now see that anywhere in the rules. That model was the main reason he survived, or rather, the scatter cannon it carried. If it is actually in the rules somewhere, could someone reading this post please let me know? Not that I really care about it, had a great day, but the point margin was so close I probably would've come in first place instead. He really had a great looking gang though -converted them from scaven, looked great!)
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