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Thread: Orks?

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    Title is a little give awawy to the question...

    I just want to know if anyone has ever seen homebrew rules for Orks in Necromunda, and if so, are they on the 'net?

    That's about it!

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    Hey mate,

    There have been some rules for Orks in Necromunda available both in the form of house-rules and "official" rules in the bestiary old Outlanders suppliment. The 'official' rules for these are no longer available online legally, and are not considered official anymore as the outlanders suppliment is no longer used. There may be some house rules floating around so you could search for them.

    If you were looking to get the Outlanders suppliment then you best bet would be to ebay it - there is almost always an auction for one going on. Have a look:

    If you look at the new Underhive Bestiary rules on the Specialist Games website (for part 1 of the bestiary click me!) you will find all the rules you need to construct your own stats for Orks. You would not be able to use them as a gang per se, but they could make an appearence in games to add an interesting twist to a secenario etc.

    Hope this helps mate, PM me if you need more info about the outlanders suppliment.


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    Actually, I tried to do this once, having never seen the Outlanders supplement. I just thought that the Orks would be a logical extension if you wanted to get some aliens into a Hive, and they behave like gangs themselves anyway.

    This is just a quick version I threw together. I based the points values on the basic Gangs, and treated the enhanced stats (higher WS, for example) as if the Ork had gained experience and rolled that result on the table. Therefore, the higher points cost. As for the weapons choices, I just picked what I thought were most appropriate for Da Boyz. The "Advances" table is there because I didn't originally intend for these to be ongoing gangs, but spur-of-the-moment roll-ups that could make a villain group in a pinch. Same with the Scenario notes at the bottom; I have other alien races who treat some Scenarios differently.

    Take a look and let me know what you think!



    The greenskin menace has found its way to the Underhive. Orks are a common danger throughout the galaxy, but only recently have they been seen so deep below the surface. Their warlike society makes life in the Underhive fit them like a glove, so it seems that they wouldn’t want to leave even if they could. Just as elsewhere, they make war with human and Ork settlements alike.

    M WS BS S T W I A Ld Cost
    Boyz 4 4 2 3 3 1 3 1 7 65 pts
    Flash Gitz 4 4 2 3 3 1 3 1 7 75 pts
    Ork Boss 4 5 2 4 4 1 4 1 8 145 pts

    Mobz may include one Boss (although they don’t have to), and up to two Flash Gitz (Special weapons Orks).

    Weapons and Equipment
    • Club (10): Identical to any normal Club.
    • Choppa (10): Orks wield large, wicked axes one-handed. The sharp edge coupled with the Orks’ brute strength gives this Club a –1 Save modifier.
    • Slugga (10): Identical to a Stub Gun with Dum-Dum bullets.
    • Shoota (20): Identical to a Shotgun using Manstopper ammo.
    • Big Shoota (120): Identical to a Heavy Stubber in all respects.
    • Burna (40): Identical to a Flamer in all respects.
    • Zzap Blasta (100): This miracle of Ork technology discharges a powerful arc of electricity. It’s the strongest weapon they have, but also the most unpredictable.

    Zzap Blasta
    Short: 0-4" Long: 4-8" Str: D6+2 Dam: 1 Save mod.: -3 Ammo Roll: 6+ Notes: Auto-hits

    The Zzap Blasta does not roll to hit; it will automatically hit an eligible target in LOS, friend or foe! If there are more than one, determine who is hit randomly.
    The Zzap Blasta must make an Ammo Roll after every Shot. If that Ammo Roll is a “1”, then the wielder suffers one automatic wound.
    Only one Zzap Blasta is allowed per Ork mob; it is a Special weapon.
    • Stikkbomz (30 or 50): identical to Frag or Krak grenades, for the same respective prices.
    • ‘Ard Stuff (30): An Ork may cobble together some armor for a 5+ Armor Save.
    • More Bullets: Orks may purchase Weapon Reloads for any weapon except the Zzap Blasta.
    Skills and Abilities
    • Advances (20 each): Orks may take up to two rolls on the following table:
    1: ‘Eadbang – Suffers from Stupidity.
    2: Skarboy – +1 Toughness.
    3: Big ‘Un – Roll one Muscle Skill (except Bulging Biceps).
    4: Feral – Roll one Ferocity Skill (except Iron Will).
    5: Hunta – +1 Ballistic Skill.
    6: Nutta – Suffers from Frenzy.

    • Gang Fight: Represents a chance encounter. Orks love a good scrap!
    • Scavengers: Orks need supplies, too, so this scenario is normal.
    • Hit and Run: Orks will respond just like any other gang, and may hit and run just for kicks.
    • Ambush: Some Orks may hold a grudge, and humans can lay traps for them as well.
    • The Raid: Raids are an Ork’s most common source of supplies.
    • Rescue Mission: It’s rare, but Orks may take prisoners to torment. While generally considered unwise, some gangers may try to capture an Ork themselves.

    (Took a bit to edit; apparently the LO board doesn't like tables)
    Last edited by zuke174; December 27th, 2007 at 18:39. Reason: Get tables to look right
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    Alternately.. Try and dig out a copy of Gorkamorka.. It uses almost exactly the same rules, and has an extensive (and funny) armoury, and rules for surjery etc. While I'd be a bit leery sending a standard Gorkamorka mob up against Necromunda gangs (orks are tough) you might be able to adapt those rules.

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