a friend startin up a necromunda league or campaign whatever ya want to call it and i've been invited but it's not reallymy thing but then we got to talking and we discussed certain standins we could allow such as using the redemptionist rules for a chaos cult warband or esher fer eldar skyaar could be marines etc the only one we got stuck on (apart from the washing machines there was no way we could work them into it) was orks

now the possible solution we came up with was saying they were all runty and using goliath rules or design your own warband and special modify the profile - 1 ini for +1 toughness and -1 bs for + 1 ws then we made a new weapon the ork choppa which is the club rules just slashing rather than bludgoning damage

so what do you think is it acceptable or have we gone loony and it would never work :wacko: oh and last thing are there any actual legal rules for xenos warbands?