In my ex officio honorary role of Inquisitor-Missionary, I am Event Manager for the Spring Conclave, planned for Sat 24 Mar 07 at Warhammer World, Nottingham, UK, from 10AM to 6PM.

This is an Inquisitor event. Participants will need to have at least one 54mm model made predominantly from GW parts and undercoated.

Anyway, what I really want - other than commitments of attendance - are ideas of what to do. We did a tournament on Dec 9 and, honestly, I'd like our victor to enjoy his title for a bit longer than three months. So - suggestions: what would you like to do?

These are the ideas that have occured to me:

1. Inquisitor Doubles. Participants team up to achieve their objective, whilst playing on different tables.

2. Last-man Standing. Each participant has only one character. If you survive a scenario, you move up one table. If you die, you go down. But don't think that stocking up with heavy armour and firepower is your way to victory, for the Event Masters control the Random Events table...

3. Puzzle Palace. Achieve your objective and win a clue to the secret of the Puzzle Palace. The more clues you have, the better your chance of winning!

4. Who do you think you are? Every participant designs a character and puts it into a pool. The PCs are then allocated at random for each new scenario. Will your character have what it takes to win out?

If you'd like to attend, please contact me at:

and I'll keep you up to date with details.


P.S. Cheredanine, if you could unsticky the existing announcement and sticky this one in its place, I'd be very grateful.