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    New to Necromunda

    Well, i´ve been invited to join a sort of league in Necromunda at my club.
    Wich I thought like it could be a good idea. I mean, it´s just a couple of models .
    As i´m a over-exited Greenskin fan, I told them the idea of using Orks as Goliaths.
    I mainly choosed Goliaths because I hate the "sitting behind a corner with a Lasgun" type of gang. It is´nt fun for the other guy.

    So I read the book and learned some of the rules. Looked through the weapons adn such and found what I though fitting to the Orks.
    The fluff is that the Hive City where attacked by an Ork Army a while ago. The Army where quickly detroyed. As the army got blown to pieces, spores found it´s way down the vents (wich explains why my army have The Vents) and after a while reached down to the Underhive. It sadly got down to a Chem Pit. Because of the noxius fumes the Orks evolved weaker then usuall. Of course, the Orks did´nt know anything about this. Infact, the Orks don´t know anything about the other world.

    After they had settled they started to take down lone individuals that had got lost/seperated from their gang. In this way they got ahold of weapons and eventually earned how to use them (As they are Orks, it took them about 3 minutes).
    As they grew in numbers and in size they started to become something to be reckoned with. They built a Settlement in the Underhive and lived there in secrecy for many years.
    Just recently they even opened a Gambling Den (When I roled this it just opened endless posibilities for converting ^_^) wich they are running under secrecy.
    Meaning that they wear "ingenius" masks to hide their presence there. Ofcourse,the fact that they have to walk sideways through the doors to get in and out should have risen some kind of suspicion. But there seem to be something in the air that makes the brains run slower in the Underhive.

    Now, the Orks Boss, Skulkraka, felt like it was time for the Orks to get out of their secrecy. To put it in the exact word of the Boss:
    "No more ´iding, no more fiddlin ´round!. I´z tired of dis sodding sod!.
    Fightin` deese runty runtz iz´nt a chalange to Skulkraka!.
    It´z time dat we Orks rulez da Wunder´ive!.
    It´z bloody well time fer da Orks to give dem oomies a good kickin´!!!

    This was ofcourse two weeks ago. The speach actually just got the Orks very hyped and trying to beat eachother upp. That speech ended in a drunken brawl that decimated the Ork population by 3/4.
    Thogh, a very similar speech was held last night. And this time it did what it was supposed to do.
    Now, it´s time for the Orks to show them how the fighting is supposed to be!

    Skulkraka, Gang Leader.Exp:65
    Chain Sword
    Bolt Pistol

    Ventz, Heavy.Exp:65
    Heavy Stubber

    Burna, Heavy.Exp:66

    Demulitiun, Ganger.Exp:23

    Gambla', Ganger.Exp:26

    Krazy Kan, Ganger.Exp:22

    Choppy, Ganger.Exp.25
    Massive Axe

    Snikgit, Juve.

    Watnot, Juve.

    Wasnuff Juve.

    1292 Gang Rating

    Gambling Den
    Old Ruinz
    Chem Pitz

    I thought that I could start a sort of "League Tracker" here to show my progress in the Underhive.
    I´ve posted what I have att the moment and after every game I will post the uppdates on Members,cash and the likes.

    This will also follow the army as it gets painted and converted.
    I have alot of nice ideas that i´m eager to get started on.
    I won´t mention any at the moment, and I wont be able to get started on the painting and converting untill after Christmas.

    But my first game will probably be on Monday against some Orlocks.
    This will be my first game and some tacticial help would be apreciated.

    What I have planned this far is this:
    The Ventz will be used to place Ventz,Gambla' and Demulitiun in good positions.
    I will group the army together in two groups and have one guy running freely.
    The Groups are as following:

    Skulkrakas Guard:

    Da Uvver Wunez:

    And the lone Krazy Kan.

    So,any tips in the game? :lol:

    Last edited by Skulkraka; December 16th, 2006 at 13:01. Reason: Typo´s

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    I dont have any tips for you man but this is a great idea for adapting Orks to Necromunda. I even went so far as to attempt to make my own rules but i coudlnt really get away with making them either T or S 4. The chemical pit thing always works and if you don't mind i think ill borrow that to use with my own Orks in Necromunda! Great idea have some rep!
    Krump first, assk qweztions neva'!"- 3000 Orks
    Dark Eldar- 1500 1/0/0
    "the very gods for vengeance cry- 3000 Dwarves

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    Well,had my first battle this Monday. So I thoughts i´d give you guys a battle report .
    It´s my first battle report so i´m sorry if you might have a hard time understanding some things ^_^ .

    Da Kaklin' Skulz first encounter with the Watchmen.

    The field was quiet. The “Watchmen? had assembled to dispose of the Orks they had found in the Underhive. Their Guilder Masters wouldn’t believe them.
    “Orks in the Underhive?.Ha!? they said. In some way the Guilders had fallen for the Orks ridiculous disguises. But now it was time to rid the Underhive of the Ork pests.

    On the Orks side, Skulkraka, Da Boss, had found a suitable high place to hold his speech.
    The Orks where scattered around, Demulitiun and Gambla’ making fun of the new Grotz, Juves, Watnot and Wasnuff, Snikgit and Choppy in the middle of a fight over a shiny piece of scrap that they had found, Krazy Kan had found a small rat to chop into varying sizes and Burna trying to see why the Flamer wouldn’t work. Probably because of the large piece of dirt jammed into the muzzle. Ventz stood on by his side and fired a salvo from his Heavy Stubber to silence the mob. They stopped whatever they where doing and where now looking up at Skulkraka.
    “Glad i´z got yer atenshium. All ov ye probly’ know why we´z ‘ere.?
    The Orks nodded and grinned.
    “Dem oomies iz ‘bout to get ‘ere in a minute or firty-six? Skulkraka said proudly. .
    “Dooze oomies ‘ave figured uz out. Dem know dat we´z down ‘ere. Ofkurze, we all know dat we waz ‘ere first!. So let´z give deeze oomies a good kickin’ and dakkin’!?
    He took a small pause and thought about what to say next. He stared blindly into the horizon.
    The Orks looked looked at Skulkraka and then at eachother. Ventz walked up to Skulkraka and whispered something.
    “Oh, rightz!? he whispered back. He inhaled deeply and let out a mighty WAAAGH!!!
    The other Orks joined him in the WAAAGH!!!, and it was time for a bloodshead.

    Ventz, Demulitiun and Gambla’ crawled into the ventilations to advance to a better position.
    Skulkraka and his guard, Choppy and Snikgit, deployed in the middle under a bridge between two ruins.Placed so that they could advance in cover towards the “Watchmen?.
    Burna and his new personal guard, Watnot and Wasnuff, deployed on the right between to ruins. Watnot and Wasnuff placed so that they could advance in front of Burna to give him a screen. Krazy Kan stumbled across the field and found himself on the far right flank. Positioned to support the Flamer squad.

    The Watchmen where positioned with the Leader and a Heavy (armed with nothing but a pistol or two) hiding in a small outhouse (and I mean small. He could just fit the two models in there). Two Gangers with Shotguns and a Juve where deployed on my left in a big ruined house. In the middle a Ganger with a Lasgun where deployed to shoot at my advancing force.
    On my far right two Gangers where deployed. Positioned to take the advance of the flamer squad and Krazy Kan.

    Turn One - Time to get cover

    The First turn fell to me. Everything moved up. Keeping themselves in cover. Choppy moved up more towards my right. (This would be big help later) and Snikgit stayed with Skulkraka.
    Krazy Kan stalked up the right table edge.
    Ventz, Demulitiun and Gambla’ arrived in a house opposite to the two Shotgun-Gangers and one Juve that had taken position in the big ruined house. They arrived on the second level.
    Vents hid in a corner as he would get shot up pretty quickly otherwise. Demulitiun took a partial cover behind some rubble and Gambla’ where placed quite open. He was the cheapest of them all so I planned that he could get shot at and then climb down a ladder.

    His turn started with the Lasgun-Ganger taking a hot at Gambla’ and missing.
    Then both of his Shotgun-Gangers in the opposite house shot at Gambla’ to.
    The first rolled a Six and failed to wound. He failed his Ammo-Test and his weapon blew upp in his face, causing one wound and making him Downed.
    The other Shotgun-Ganger also hit but failed to wound as well. Gambla’ was pinned and passed both initiative tests to see if he would fall over the edge (Wohoo!).
    His Juve moved up to a window in the house and took position to maybe shoot at Demulitiun next turn. The rest of his gang just moved forward. The Leader and his Heavy came out of the small house and his other two Shotgun-Gangers moved up behind a hill on my right flank towards the Flamer squad.

    Turn Two – Time to get dakkin’!

    Most of my force moved forward. Snikgit was sent into the open in front of the
    Lasgun-Ganger and Skulkraka moved up so he where behind cover. Choppy moved up and where now in position to jump up behind the ruined house that the Ventilation group where situated in. Ventz moved up so he had a nice place to fire next turn.
    The Flamer squad moved up the right flank and Burna and Watnot found protection behind a small ruined house. Wasnuff where placed in the open to be able to maybe soak some fire or take a shot at one of the Shotgun-Gangers hiding behind the hill. Krazy Kan found his way behind a corner. He where now able to jump out of the corner and throw a Frag on the Shotgun-Gangers. If they fell in my trap.
    Gambla’ Recovered and stood up.

    In the Shooting Phase.
    Demulitiun took a shot at the Shotgun-Ganger that where hiding in one of the windows.
    I used Scatter Shot (Duh?!) to give myself an easier time to hit him. That failed and I missed.
    Skulkraka fired his Bolter and where out of range and ran out of ammo.

    In his turn, right to left:
    Juve jumps out of window and runs away from Ventz firing arc. He is now situated on the left side of the Ventilation groups house (and I have the perfect surprise for him).
    The Shotgun-Ganger takes a shoot at someone in the house and misses.
    The Lasgun-Ganger shoots at Snikgit and misses.
    The two Shotgun-Gangers move up from behind the hill and can’t shot because they ran.
    The Leader and heavy move up a bit behind them.

    Turn Three – Time to get sum killin’ dun!

    Skulkraka moves up behind some cover. Snikgit runs towards the Lasgun-Ganger and gets behind some cover. Choppy jumps out from the corner and is now standing in front of the Juve that fled from Ventz firing arc. Gambla’ climbs down the stairs. Krazy Kan jumps around from behind his cover and is now standing in front of the two Shotgun-Gangers on the left side of the board. Ventz turn to face his Leader on the other side of the board (He,he,he).

    In the Shooting Phase things happen.
    Choppy fires his shotgun and hits the Juve square between the eyes and take him out of action ( I just loved the way that would have looked ^_^).
    Ventz fire towards the Leader on the other side of the board (Gork bless 40? range :wub: ) , rolls two 2´s on his Sustained Fire and misses both shoots.
    Wasnuff fire against a Shotgun-Ganger on the right side of the boars and puts a Flesh Wound on him. Krazy Kan jumps around the corner and throw a Frag between the Shotgun-Gangers (They fell in my trap :lol: ) and makes them both down.

    Turn Four – We winz!

    He fails his bottle test and flees.

    After Battle
    Skulkraka climbed up on his cover and gazed over the field. It had been a good day. None of his boys had been hurt, but the enemy had to pay a heavy toll. One of his gangers laid dead on the field. Watnot and Wasnuff where already upon the body and where about to drag it back to the Settlement. It would be a nice addition to the traditional after battle roast.
    Burna cursed and kicked Snikgit around for a bit. He was probably angered because of the fact that he weren’t allowed to use his Flamer in the battle.
    Ventz where moving upp the field with the
    The Watchmen had seen that Orks in the Underhive, is truly something to be feared.


    Gambla’ climbes a level and gets +1 WS. He changes weapons with Krazy Kan and is now armed with 2xAxes and a Frag.

    Choppy gains a level from his performance and also gets another WS. Meaning that I now have two CC guys with WS4 ^_^ .

    Snikgit gets de-graded and now works in the Flamer squad with Wasnuff and Burna. Watnot gets a Hand Flamer and joins Skulkrakas Guard. Now consisting of Skulkraka, Choppy and Watnot.

    I send Gambla’ to the Chem Pitz in hopes that he will get Fear, but fails.
    No Juve from the Settlement and I earn some 30 Cash..

    I sell Watnot´s Autopistol and buy him a Hand Flamer. I just love these things ^_^ .

    Gang Rating:
    Last edited by Skulkraka; December 21st, 2006 at 13:07.

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    258 (x5)

    This is the first attempt at inserting Orks into Necromunda that I have seen and actually like. Good job sir! Have some rep. I like the fact you have not tried to alter the model stats, but have made up a fluff reason for them to be weaker - a much better idea. I think you should go further however. Orks have an innate, built in knowledge of how to build weapons and Ork-tech, so instead of just using "oomie" ones they should make their own. You should make up some fluff and new names for the weapons your gang uses (use the same rules for the weapons, just give them different names) and then give them some barmy ork-like conversions. I'm more than happy to lend you a hand here if you want it mate - just let me know.

    Nice work, good to see someone who can integrate things sensibly! I'll be watching this post, keep us updated! Now get out and go bash up some Oomies yer runts!


    "Praise" for rp252:
    Da Mighty Camel:
    No, for your information, rp252 is lonely because he is hideous
    Behind his ugly bloodthirster face, there's some wisdom stored away for moments like this.

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    Thanks man ^_^ . I did´nt feel like altering anything in the rules, it would be to big of a chance that it would become cheesy (I have found quite a dislike for one of the gangs that are being used on the Tournie...All Stealth, Shooting and Techno ( .
    I just hate thoose things.

    Oh,and ofcourse i´ll make them some weapons of their own ^_^ . I´m surprised I didn't write that in the first post :wacko: . It where suposed to say:
    "After they had settled they started to take down lone individuals that had got lost/seperated from their gang. In this way they got ahold of weapons and eventually learned how to use them (As they are Orks, it took them about 3 minutes).
    After a while they found that the "oomie" versions looked to weak and fiddly. So they have now began to build and modify weapons of their own (They have some problems building Meltas,ya know? :shifty: ) ."

    I have the problem that I wont be able to get any work done 'til after Kweznuz.
    But after it, some models will apear here to :yes: .
    On Tuesday I might go down to the club and get a few games played.
    You´ll have to wich me luck as thoose bastards have played some games without me ( .
    One of them has a Melta FFS .
    OK, a Melta just hits one guy, but that guys dead-meat. I will have to take advantage of the 12" range (Glad Shotguns are 18" .

    Onto the modeling.
    On the Heavy Stubber (I think i´ll call it "Bigga Dakka-Dakka" or something like that)
    I have some ideas. The first one is making it a Gattling gun. Using about 3 gun barrels from the Ork Boys set. Attaching them to a gun body (wich i´ll probably have to make myself) and adding some nice bitz to it. The weapon is for Ventz so i´ll attach a light to it. It´s dark in the Vents, ya know? :lol: .
    The second thing on the weapon will probably be a handle. You know, a handle that a little snot can rotate so the barels move in that circling motion .
    I´m a 15 year old Swe (With quite good grades in english though) so I have some problems finding the words for what I mean :lol: .

    But i´m shure, if you put some work into it, you can understand what i´m trying to say ^_^ .

    And I truly hope that you follow this . If this place doesn't give me enough replies I might have to start another one in the Painting section instead.
    I´m running the same blog on another site to though. All for the inspirational and encouraging replies :lol: .

    And a messy Kweznuz to ya´ll :lol: :lol: :lol: .

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    4th of January

    Sorry for not posting for a while. Have had alot of stuff to do ^_^ .
    Da Kaklin' Skulz gang have had 3 more battles... and lost every single one of them.
    First one where against a Nurgle Cultist Gang (Using their own rules). I got beat pretty bad ^_^ .
    Second one where against a sortof Imperial Guard gang or something.
    Got beat there to.

    Then there was the third battle, against the IG again.
    He is way over me in Gang Rating, but this battle I played pretty well ^_^ .
    I Managed to get him to take 4 Bottl tests before i had to take my first.
    6 of his in total where lying on the ground (2-3 Out of Action).
    First bottle test he rolls a 7, and so on the second, and the same result on the third... The fourth where something like a 5 or so.
    I where pretty pissed at this point. I mean, I had downed so many in his gang, and the bastards wouldn't run!.
    Then he takes a third member out of action in my gang, and guess what?.
    I roll a 11!!! .

    The most memorable part was Krazy Kan. He started by throwing a granade in the middle of 3 Gangers. Sadly anough just making them all pinned.
    2 Juves jump out, shoot at him, misses both shots.
    He throws a grenade and kill one of the Juves.
    He then gets pinned and crawl behind a corner. Next turn 2 Gangers with shotguns places themself in short range of him, one misses and the other fails to wound. When he is pinned he first gets charged by the two gangers.
    Takes just one wound. Then a Juve enters the fight, no-one wound that turn. My turn and he kills the Juve, and then get killed himself.
    But he was the man of the match, he sucesfully held 5 Enemies in place on his own!

    After the battle, my heavy with Heavy Stubber dies (180pts right there folks!).
    Krazy Kan gets captured and some varius wounds happen around the gang.
    Thogh in his hand. 3 gets to roll on the wound chart, 2 of them get Full Recovery and the other one gets, you guessed it IMPRESSIVE SCARS!!! .
    It aint right! .

    So, I might start a new gang.
    A better gang. A gang that speaks to me more.
    A gang of smaller and more cunning Greenskins. A gang called:

    !Da Rikkety Raketty Runtz!

    I have bought most of the miniatures and its now up to painting and converting.
    I have painted a test model just to see how I could cope with 40k models (Have never painted a gun ^_^ ).

    It became OK. But the skin is horrible.

    Last edited by Skulkraka; January 5th, 2007 at 11:14.

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    -3 (x0)

    WAAAGH! da grotz!

    Thats rich man, pure genius.

    I think the skin turned out ok, although it is a little dark for a grot...meh, I guess living in the dark underhive can do things to ya :p

    Cheers, and good luck!

    -The God of all Machines

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