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Thread: Thunderhawks

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    Hello All,

    Query in regards to Chaos Space Marine Crews and upgrading(?) the carrier classes to carry Thunderhawks. With the new 1.5 FAQ and that you now round up the number of ordinance when halved (eg a styx would have 4 instead of 2 launch capability) does it become viable for a ship to carry thunderhawks?

    To gain access to Thunderhawks we have to purchase a Chaos Space Marine Crew for 35 points and we gain the following abilities:
    - +1 leadership for the ship, also raises the max leadership to 10
    - +1 to hit and run attacks
    - -1 for enemy hit and runs
    - +2 to boarding actions
    - if the crew is on a battleship or grand cruiser you can have terminator teleport attacks for +10 points
    - if you have a carrier you can upgrade you launch bays to house thunderhawks but if you do so you halve your capacity rounded up (see FAQ 1.5, under imperial, chaos and space marine fleets section).

    So is it worth it? Should we sacrifice numbers for versatility and survivability?

    What do you think?



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    On the Styx one I've seen some pretty heated arguements about this new interpretation, a fair number of people think it should be 3 {since the ships TOTAL bays can be halved} with the player picking which side is 2 and which is 1... or the first one taken out is considered the 1, and so on.
    So understand that for now, I say all this knowing that in 1.6 or 1.7 if I saw a change I won't be shocked... the current rules pissed off ALOT of pure SM fleet players on the official forums. (LOL you know, all 2 of em).

    That being said, as always it's up to you and a couple ways of viewing it.

    On a Styx right now the official rules favor it, you literally get something for nothing in how the math works. Milk it for what it's worth. It's a GW game. How many times does that happen, much less how many times does it happen where the UPDATE makes it that way, not the reverse?

    I won't lie. In my current Chaos fleet, which is NOT my main fleet but is one I can field maybe 1800-1900 points on it (maybe 2100 if I bought like every fleet upgrade), -IF- I use Chaos Space Marines, they are 80+% of the time on a Styx and -IF- I do that, it's 99.9% of the time upgraded to THawks.

    On any other vessel personally I'd take numbers and versatility since you've already got the option of traditional Dreadclaws to deliver +1 hit and run attacks right?

    Although you can't really be good at a game like this and give a simple answer so...

    Do you have other ships in your fleet launching CAP fighters if you need them?
    What's your foe capable of throwing out to kill ordinance?

    If you've got no other ships to launch speedy fighters you need to avoid THawks, especially if you face off againt Nids or Tau or an ordinance heavy chaos foe where you really want some fighters. On the other hand if you've got other launch bays in your fleet to cover that duty then specializing your CSM vessel doesn't often hurt you.

    If your foe has nothing to really attack your attack craft, go numbers... if they've got good CAP or lots of Turrets or crap of their own then THawks are nice.

    Hope that helps.
    Last edited by BFGMidwesternPrisoner; December 19th, 2006 at 10:32. Reason: added a warning paragraph before the rest

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