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    Give yourself a profile!

    Let liven things up around here with a good old fashioned game thingy...

    It's simple, Make a profile of yourself, if you were in Necromunda, basically, you get to brag about your mad skillz :rolleyes:


    M WS BS S T W I A Ld
    5 4 3 3 3 1 4 2 9

    I have movement 5 because, If I do say so myself, I'm quite the fast runner (either that, or all my friends are just slow )

    I have WS 4 because of my Martial Arts training

    I have BS 3 because I'm a fair shot with a ranged weapon (be it a bow or a gun or a throwing knife)

    I have str. 3 because I'm in fit physical condition

    I have T 3 because I can take a hit, also see above

    I have 1 W for obvious reasons

    I have I 4 because I'm a rather quick little devil in a scrap

    I have 2 A due to my mix of "home-grown" and official weapons and martial arts training, also because I can rain down quite a few blows before someone can react (see 'I')

    And Last, but not least, I have Ld 9 because I wouldn't run from most things, although, I guess there are scarier things than bears and wolves in the underhive...

    Have at 'er! And Have fun!

    -The God of all Machines


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    Ok this is a week old but looks fun as.
    Ok so here is me also called liam
    m ws bs s t w i a Ld
    4 3 3 2 3 4 1 7

    thats me very normal not very strong the reson for the high toughness is not for the fact im can take a hit but the fact i can raley be hit. yes i am a dodger if something is going to hit you move away from it. (Actually my uncle was called roger dodger though that was coz he was a thief not good at literally getting out of the way of blows. I also have I4 coz in a fight im the biggest sleasebag resorting to very dirty tricks (though i would never hit below the belt and i also wouldnt use a weapon if they didnt have one) one of my downfalls is i can never bring it on myself to hit someone in the face. i just cant do it. also my low leaership is not necacerily because im scared but i have a big moral compass pointo the whats right, thats why i usually chiken out of cirtain things.
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