Inquisitor battle report - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Inquisitor battle report

    The objectives in this game were pretty simple. All Dark had to do was capture/kill inquisitor Khurshid and I had to get Paul to Aiko and get the two off the board.

    Damn you Paul. Aiko said to herself, kicking away a loose stone. Aiko stood in the middle of a deserted junction outside of the small spaceport of X78IH2b. Time is of the essence and you find a way to get held up when every wasted moment can bring him right on top of us. Aiko continued before turning around at the sound of something moving behind her. Who comes this way? She said, putting her had to the holster at her side. Not who your looking for I'd be willing to bet techpriestess Kazuko. Someone hidden in shadows answered her; Aiko knew the voice, and hearing it here of all places scared her enough to make her take a step back. How did you know to come here? She managed to ask, missing noticing the figure moving behind her.

    Finding the lackeys of that dog Mattin is the last wish of my lord inquisitor, your lucky I intercepted your astropathic message to Paul or else I would not have let you get this far. Nika said while walking from the shadows, looking at someone just behind Aiko he called out, Burn her, the screaming should bring him. Indeed, burn one heretic to flush out another. Joshua's emotionless voice agreed from behind Aiko before he raked her back with his flail and forced her onto the ground. Biting her lip, Aiko lashed backward with her weapon grafted arm and smashed it into the hand Joshua had been aiming his hand flamer with. Dropping the weapon he yelped out in pain and Aiko clumsily struck out with the weapon again while yelling, You won't take my life without a fight! Before something hit her in the back of the arm.

    Can't you do anything old man. Nika growled out after shooting a poisonous choke needle into Aiko. Picking up the hand flamer, Nika shoved it into Joshua's chest. There, now she can't breath or attack you, do you need me to aim the gun and pull the trigger as well or are you able to at least do that? Be quiet inquisitor, if it were not for me you would have fallen for his last trap. Joshua retorted, aiming the hand flamer at Aiko again. May your soul be damned for all eternity heretic. Burn by the grace of the Emperor's purity. Joshua said as his finger tightened on the trigger.

    Get away from her warp damn you! Someone shouted before two gunshots slammed into the wall right above Joshua's head. Both he and Nika dove for cover as Paul let off another two shots while running to Aiko. Holstering his revolver, Paul grabbed Aiko's arm and began to drag her away while firing off another two shots from his laspistol at Nika to keep the rival inquisitor down. Face your judgement Paul, your master couldn't escape his and your not nearly as skilled as he was. Nika shouted over the lasblasts. Joshua leapt from his cover to fire his hand flamer, but Paul countered quickly and put a shot into the man's leg. Pushing Aiko up against a wall behind a statue, Paul shook her to try and help her get over the effect of the poison. Aiko come on, focus on breathing before the poison knocks you out. Paul yelled before wrenching his revolver from its holster and turning around to shoot at Joshua and Nika again. Almost immediatly he was forced to jump back as Joshua swung with his flail. Dropping to the ground, Paul avoided another attack but lost his hold on his pistols before rolling away from a third attack while grabbing for the halberd on his back.

    As Joshua swung again, Paul blocked with the haft of his halberd and shoved the blunt end into Joshua's chest to take the wind from him; the older man took several steps back and gave Paul enough time to get back on his feet and point the right end of the weapon at him before a blinding pain put Paul on one knee. Steeping out from behind Paul, Nika kicked the inquisitor's hand and sent the halberd flying against the wall next to Aiko. Like I said Paul, face your judgement and take your punishment; for your executioner already faces you. Nika said coldly, only to have Paul spit in his face and roll to one side and grab the revolver from the ground. kicking out, Paul managed to stop Nika from stabbing him from the knife in his oppoisite hand long enough for him to awkwardly get back up on his feet only to face the barrel of the needle pistol. Jumping to the side, Paul barely avoided getting hit by the needle as the projectile whizzed by him and caught Joshua in the stomach and forced the older man to the ground, writing in pain as his body felt like it was on fire. Bloodfire poison, to bad the next round is only going to be more choke posion. Nika said, aiming the gun at Paul again before slumping forward and hitting the ground, smoke coming off his back as Aiko deactivated the shock maul grafted to her arm. Throwing the halberd at Paul, can we please leave before they recover? I would rather like to not burn for a little while longer if I can help it. Aiko commented before running in the direction Paul had come originally. Picking up his laspitol, Paul rolled his eyes before following her. Yes, it was my pleasure to risk my life to save yours. He muttered while trying to catch up.

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