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    Wish in one hand...

    I wish they would (or could, I know it's a matter of the almighty Pound) come out with more plastics for BFG.

    The plastics were clean, customizable and weren't so heavy they broke the flying stand.

    I'd love to see just one pack with a plethora of escorts and assault ships.

    I recently bought a pack of Fury Interceptors and was appalled at the quality. Semi-shaped lumps of lead that required extensive filing just to stand up straight and look approximately like the ships they're supposed to represent. My hands were cramping as I accidentally filed off parts of my fingertips trying to get these tiny, expensive pieces of metal to resemble fighter craft...

    I'm just wishing I had enough money to hire sculptors and buy the plastic injection equipment to make them myself...

    Say, anyone remember the old Space Fleet Imp. Cruiser models? The ones that looked like a devil's pitchfork instead of a locomotive?

    What are those considered in the BFG rules? Can I still "legally" use them?

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    Well as soon as you grant GW it's wish, of giving BFG about a 1500% bigger player base, they'll happily make all your dreams come true. Good luck with that ;-)

    As for using the old cruiser, follow basic WYSIWYG for using older models as something new.

    -Make sure it's painted in your fleet colors.

    -Since their is no official comparison (I know of), go through the books to find the ship stats that you think most closely match the look, OR, modifiy it with bits to match one if you want it to reflect a certain type.
    Most important in BFG is that it's gun decks and armaments visually reflect what it has. Especially if it has something quirky like a Nova Cannon on the ship type it's representing. It's most important that it have the right types facing the right way, you can usually slide on numbers (ie if it launches attack craft SOMETHING should visually look like a launch bay but you don't neccisarily need the "1 launch bay symbolically per 4 craft" you could have more or less, ditto with Torp tubes, or WB/Lances... something should look like it's a gun in their case).

    Also since it's an older Imperial design you could also use it as a Chaos ship type (your call)...

    -Make sure it clearly stands out, and before each game, make sure 100% that you have notified your opponent it is an old, out of production model but you are using it to represent X ship type. If your opponent is confused, it's your fault and can get you disqualified or dinged in most tounraments if you ever go that route (usually just dinged).

    [example of one method... one of my friends uses a WH40k Chaos Lord modified to be a Space Marine Librarian, so before tournament games he hands his foe a tiny piece of paper written on it "The modified Chaos Lord model represents an Epsitolary". That way his foe can never claim confusion on it]

    -Make sure it is an on appropriate sized base. No appropriate base = No go. For BFG that is very important even more so then some other GW games.

    I hope I explained that well enough, and I'm sure other bigger conversion and older model fans around here can give you even more help! Most of my older models either got sold, boxed, or I'd never put them out publically anymore... I don't trust the clutsyness of myself or my peers. I once saw a guy making a dramatic gesture while describing a Stargate episode manage to backhandly whack a Repulsive a good 10 feet into a wall, clearly violating it's listed movement speed ;-)
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