I'm lucky to be old and have enough of the old plastic sets to field three or four armies.

I also remember the old, old METAL Epic minis. (Like...I have a squad of Epic Imperial JETBIKES...)

The plastics were far superior in detail, took less prep and were way cheaper.


How do the new metals/forgeworld stuff compare to the old plastics?

Has anyone heard if they're going to come out with plastics again?

I know Jervis said "No" but it wouldn't be the first (or second or third) time GW said "Plastics too 'spensive, Lucy! We're no make plastics!) Old timers will remember long ago they said the Land Raider and the Rhino were the first, last and only plastic kits GW would ever produce due to the expense of making the molds...LOL.

Recently, (Last WD I think) they almost said that new techniques have made it possible that they may stop making METAL minis altogether. Anyone know if this applies to Specialist lines? BFG? INQ? Epic?