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Thread: Chaos Fleet

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    Chaos Fleet

    My current Chaos Fleet:

    Styx class Heavy Cruiser
    - Chaos Warmaster, Chaos Space Marine Crew
    Total - 390

    Murder Class Cruiser x 3
    Total - 510

    Idolator Class Raider x 3
    Total - 120

    Total - 1020

    Thinking of getting a Desolator and 3 more Idolators to round out a 1500 pt list. The warmaster would swap to the desolator, and the styx would grab a Chaos lord in that case. Thoughts comments?

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    The use of CSM on the Styx does make it expensive (so really watch it for VPs!!!), but makes it more effective as a carrier so could be useful. If you are playing a 1000 point game I would suggest you lost the CSM crew however, as you are just over the point limit. As it is the CSM crew could come in handy in larger than 1000 point games.

    Instead of three Murders, I would swap one for a different class of cruiser. Which class you go for depends entirely on how you wish to play:
    - Slaughter - if you intend to do some hefty close-in fighting
    - Carnage - For long range pummelling, anti-Eldar work and still able to contribute heavily to the close-in fighting
    - Devastation - To add more attack craft.

    Personally I would go for a Carnage, as it adds flexibility to the fleet. It is perfectly acceptable to go for any of the other options though, but three Murders in a 1000 point fleet is a bit much.

    The Idolators are a good all round escort ship, and I like them alot. A squadron of three will provide you with good long range weaponry and several lances, These will allow you to cover your own ships whilst at the same time being able to use them to attack anamy escorts or crippled cruisers. If you can, when you expand to 1500 points I would try and get some Infidels, as these little ships add a useful salvo of torpedoes to your fleet - something you are currently lacking.

    I would avoid a Desolator when expanding to 1500. This points level is really too small to be including battleships, and the desolator is a funny ship to use. Instead, I would go for some more escorts and another cruiser of your choice as these will end up giving you a far more capable fleet.

    Hope this helped mate. Let me know if you would like some tactical advice snippets and I'd be happy to help.


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