1500 Dark Eldar Raiding Fleet - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Dark Eldar Raiding Fleet

    ok so i know that DE don't have a lot of opptions in terms of ships, but i play them in 40K and i was thinking of making a fleet for them. heres what i was thiking (plz bare in mind that i'm new to this whole BFG thing)

    Dread Archon
    Capital Ships
    Torture Class Cruiser with Phantom Lances and Mimic Engines
    Torture Class Cruiser with Launch Bays
    Torture Class Cruiser with Launch Bays
    Squadron: 5 Corsair Class Escort with Phantom Lance and Mimic Engines
    Squadron: 2 Corsair Class Escort with Torpeados and Mimic Engines
    Squadron: 2 Corsair Class Escort with Impaler Assault Craft and Mimic Engines

    Simple tactics really, keep launching bombers (or assault boats depends on my mood) out of the cariers, my flag ship can sneak forward to hopefully blast the snot out of someone in the first turn. the lance squad runs around blasting a few holes in the big ships, the torp squad uses them leech torps to slow everythng down (so my bombers and/or boats can reach them without getting shot at too much) and the Impaler squad is kinda a grand finally for that really big battle ship thats too scary to get close to with anything other than a suicide squad. I'm thinking about using the speed of the fleet to split my opponets and then i can just wail on one group after the other until they're all dead. . .hopefully. comments?

    "War is crulity. It is of no use trying to reform it. The cruler it is, the faster its over." William Sherman

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    have to take some time to look at the fleets (only play corsairs and craftworld atm) but id say this to take into consideration no experienced admiral will ever let an eldar fleet split ships off. That is asking for death. Much better to stay together and cover the field with batteries when the fleet tries to hide in the exhaust ports of the target ship. also keep in mind that Dark eldar only get one insanely long move not two moves as do the reg eldar they only have high move rates.

    The Dark Eldar use the following special rules.
    Note: unless specifically stated otherwise, the
    Dark Eldar do NOT use any of the special rules
    for Eldar Corsairs presented in the Battlefleet
    Gothic rulebook. Where the Dark Eldar do use
    such rules, these are re-printed below to avoid
    Dark Eldar Movement
    Dark Eldar vessels are incredibly sleek and agile,
    bearing arrays of delicate fins and operating
    sophisticated manoeuvring systems which allow
    them to turn with an ease horrifying to the
    crews of Imperial vessels, leaden by
    comparison. Because of this, Dark Eldar ships
    do not need to pass a Command check in order
    to use Come to New Heading special orders and
    count as automatically passing any Command
    check to do so. In addition, Dark Eldar cruisers
    have no minimum required movement before
    turning but are unable to use the Burn Retros
    special order." pg 53 armada

    so you WILL be facing a devastating amount of fire power in return. just keep that in mind.

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