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    Andromeda Ascendant

    Well, when my friend got me into Inquisitor a couple of weeks ago, I couldn't decide on a way to go for my eventual warband.

    Eventually a came up with an idea, and started basing it around the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant in Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda.

    So far I have created Commodore Dylan Hunt. His character sheet can be found at this link.

    As to the weapons:

    Those who have watched Andromeda will know of the force-lance, the personnel weapon of choice for the high guard. For those who havn't, a short description. Essentially the force-lance can do almost anything. It is a 30 cm rod, can fire effectors (essentially guided bullets) and plasma bolts. It can also act as a taser, torch, cutting torch and grappling hook. At the touch of a button however, it extends into a 2m long quarterstaff. when extended, it can still do any of the original functions as well.

    Obviously I couldn't really call the weapons force-lances, as they arn't force weapons. So I called them plasma-lances instead, as a second best choice I also toned the functions down a little to make them more realistic to the 40k universe. However, there are other features which I have passed off as them being standard template design (ie from when humanity actually invented stuff) essentially, they act as plasma blasters, with 5 shots instead of 1. Also, rather than doing stuff on 1-6 when you get a one when trying to fire it, the bad stuff only happens on a 4-6, a remnant of old tech. Their weight is also pushed up to 75. When extended, they act as a shock-staff. A staff weapon with shock capability (the taser function) in this mode they can still fire plasma etc. I have also built-in the grappling hook feature, and actually used it in the last game I played. To account for the extra features, these are not only legendary weapons, they also cost twice as many points as standard legendary weapons would.

    Oh, and they can also be used as plasma grenades. though, due to the excessive weight, I have decided that instead of using the whole weapon as the grenade, it uses only the spare plasma and a small plasma charge, detachable from the lance. this weighs the same as a plasma grenade, and renders the weapon inoperable. The plasma grenade stats are modified to encompass the larger amount of plasma included in the lances, so the area of the grenade is 1 + any remaining shots in the lance. Meaning that you can end up with a grenade explosion of 6 yard radius. (devastating to say the least!)

    Other stuff about them: Takes one action to extend the force-lance, and usually the other hand must be empty, though it can be wielded single-handedly. I also have rules for using duel-wield staffs in combat, though I havn't yet used them in-game, so I'll let you know about them when I have.

    The naval pistol is essentially a fallback weapon.

    Other equipment:

    The digi-reflecta-field (better names are welcome!) I'm considering sticking with the Andromeda name for this and calling it a shield bracer. It adds no extra armour value in itself, but is esentially a combined mirror shield and conversion field. It is digital, so extends when the left-hand is empty, and extends as part of the same action as whatever empties the hand. ie should you holster the left-hand weapon, it would extend as part of the same action.

    Protective glasses, in the series, when in serious combat, they usually wore a set of sunglasses without the tint for want of a better description. The don't provide any armour protection, but instead of being stunned for D3 turns from a photon flash, the character is only stunned for D3-1 turns.

    Well, I think that is it, if there is anything I've missed, or that you would like to know, feel free to ask. Also, any constructive criticism is more than welcome.

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    I'm kind of leery about the concept of the lance, personally.. Having a single weapon be so flexible and intuitive is very 'high' sci-fi. 40k, and especially Inquisitor, is often much more about the low tech, gritty solutions.

    Perhaps it could be a one-off alien or relic weapon, but even then, it's wierd. All human technology above the basic projectile weapon level is already an STC design, so that excuse doesn't really cut it either.

    In short, stick with core concepts rather than direct imports. It's better to take the basic framework of an idea and adjust it to 40k than to just plonk things in wholesale. For example, an archeotech gun which functions as both a plasma gun (don't alter the stats too much.. a multishot plasma gun would be insane enough.. remember they recharge) which extends into a shocker staff for use in close combat is cool, but throwing in grappling hooks and plasma grenades just makes it too much.. Go back to basic principles.

    The same goes for characters.. Dig down to what interests you about a character, and make a new character with that. The result will be more interesting than if you just clone a character wholesale from another source.

    Taken altogether, the character is just too much.. He could probably give Imperial assassins a run for their money, he's laden with items which are either alien or archeotech. It's far, far better to stick with one interesting core idea than to pack everything you can on to one character. This guy has no real weaknesses, which makes him less dramatic and less interesting.

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    I agree with Mantis, if you're a very competitive player than I think it'd be pretty hard to resist temptation and not use the weapon simply as a potent tool for destruction.

    On the other hand, if you're more interested in the roleplaying aspects of Inquisitor then it might work out well. If you 'play the character at all like he appears in the show (And I suggest you make him a little grittier, just for plausibility) then he'll be quite naïve -at least for somebody in the Warhammer Universe- and probably want to give people chances that will give your opponent advantages.

    I mean, he's loathe to wanton violence, torture, the suppression of knowledge, etc. All things which are normal, perhaps even required, in the Inquisitor universe. Provided you constantly reinforce this belief in human nature, then I think it'll be the slightly-over-powered aspects of your arsenal which will allow you to break even with your opponent.

    I mean, for example, in the show he has the most powerful warship in the (known) universe, it's hinted at that with his ships weaponry he could conquer large sectors of space, if not all, and forge an Empire, yet despite this, Andromeda is constantly portrayed as being battered from combat. This shows you, that even with huge resources, as a character he is willing to sacrifice such advantage in return for upholding his ideals. That's why the series doesn't degenerate into Hunt and his crew mindlessly slaughtering anybody that opposes them and easily creating a strong defense against the Magog, which is basically a very Warhammerian approach.

    Make sure you display his idealism and nobody should have any qualms.

    Also, on a side note, in the Imperium robotics usually have organic components, I suggest in the case of Andromeda's personality you make reference to perhaps a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus upon death (Or perhaps merely to increase knowledge/becoming more machine?) fusing with the ship (via cables, psychic link, etc. Perhaps a room where the remainder of the body/brain is kept alive in a vat or something similar) and having his/her personality becoming the Andromeda. The actual body built by Harper could be a servitor or something similar to the Legio Cybernetica which has Andromeda's personality built into the databanks within it, and/or is linked to the ship via Machine Spirit or merely psychically.

    Just a thought, anyways, good luck with your games/idea.
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