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Thread: Help!

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    hi all!

    im thinking of statting BFG but need advise on what to get 1st. i've desided on an eldar or impirial navy fleet.

    thx in advance

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    Hey mate, welcome to BFG - I think you'll find its a brilliant game. My first advice would be to hit the Specialist Games website (click me) and download all the rules. The great thing is that they're free. so juct keep clikcing until you have them all.

    What you start with depends heavily on what fleet you choose - not just in terms of models (though its an obvious one), but in terms of fleet composition. An Imperial fleet operates best when the majority of points are spent on cruisers, whilst an Eldar (I'm assuming you mean corsairs) fleet should contain mostly escorts. As BFG relies more on how you use your units as opposed to what you take, you have fairly free reign of what to get, but sticking to these two rules will help you build a useful fleet list.

    I would suggest you go Imperial first - they are a 'core' fleet, and much easier to use than the Eldar. They will allow you to play every scenario, and are much more friendly to a new BFGer:yes:

    I would start by buying two boxed sets of plastic cruisers. Build them into whichever cruisers you like, but remember the points limits for the cruiser clash scenario if you intend to use them in games immediately. From this you can some escorts - perhaps two squadrons of cobras and one of swords. Another box of cruisers would work well, and/or you could get some Dauntless class light cruisers if you like their profile (which I do). Remember to avoid battleships until the fleet is bigger - they are expensive and a bit of a point sink in smaller fleets - better to get more cruisers.

    Cruisers are the workhorses of the Imperial fleet. Their armoured prows and massed torpedoes mean they work well when working together. I would concentrate most of your points on cruisers, adding escorts to the mix as you see fit. Remember to include at least one cruiser with a carrier capacity for larger games, as fighters are often essential to protect the fleet and bombers can pack some serious punch. Also, a ship with some longer ranged firepower (more then 30cm) will always be handy when fighting Eldar.

    Grab a few blisters of escorts first. A squadron of Aconites and some Nightshades are probably your best bet. Once you have 3-4 squadrons (say 2 of each, or 2 Nightshade and 1 Aconite squadron) then get yourself an Eclipse class crusier. The Eclipse will provide you with some lovely Eldar fighters and bombers, and is really one of the only Eldar cruisers worh buying (I'll explain why below). From there a few more squadrons of escorts would be a good idea - perhaps some more Aconites and some Hemlocks - just choose which ones you like and learn how to best use them on the table. You could also get some Eldar light cruisers from FW if you want, but they suffer from the same weaknesses as the larger cruisers (see below).

    The all-escort approach to Eldar fleets is useful as it helps maximise strengths and minimise weaknesses. Escorts move faster than cruisers - essential for getting out of LOS/weapon range with the Eldar''s second movement. If you don't get out of weapons range, your fragile ships they will die, fast. Escorts put more bang per point on the table than cruisers, and should be just as survivable thanks to the Eldar movement rules getting them out of LOS, so you will be able to field more weaponry. Also, escorts cannot suffer from critical hits, so taking most escorts eliminates one of the Eldars weaknesses - the fact they suffer critical hits more often than other fleets. Eldar crusiers are also expensive and so give away lots of VPs when they die.

    The Eclipse is the only Eldar capital ship you should take in every fleet thanks to its flight decks. The Void stalker (which should be avoided in anything but a huge game) is too expensive in this regard. Resist the urge to close with the Eclipse - doing so will get it shot, losing you VPs and the brilliant eldar attack craft. Instead keep it back (behind the nearest cover - or out of enemy range off to a flank etc) and use it to launch waves of bombers into the enemy fleet. They do wonders trust me. Other cruisers rely on getting close, and in that risk lots of VPs doing a job that escorts can do better.

    Thats all I can think of at the moment, hope I helped. If anything is unclear then post here and I'll explain a little more.

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    what's up? I think this might actually be my first post here, even though I've been playing BFG for about 2 years!
    Anyways, I've played Chaos, Imperial, and Eldar (of both genres). Here's what I have to suggest:

    Empire: you have to get the starter box anyways, so unless you want to sell all of the ships or trade them, it's easiest to go empire. Imperial fleets are very flexible, very similar to the Marines of 40K. The best thing you can do is grab escorts. I'd grab about three boxes of escorts, or two for every capital ship you want. You can't go wrong escorts in any fleet. They are the most effective thing you can buy, and the fastest. I'd say, make two carrier-type ships to help keep torpedoes and bombers off the board. Pick a third ship and give it a nova cannon, or grab a Gothic cruiser. The Nova is an incredibly high powered weapon, and the lances on the gothic can mince similar-sized ships. The rest of fleet will be made of escorts. Give them lances or torpedoes but DO NOT mix the squadrons. keep them segregated. It lets you have walls of torpedoes right where you want them, and lets you put the lances to use almost constantly.

    Eldar: Eldar are an ESCORT FLEET. Thier capital ships are useless unless you use the craft-world list (which has it's own problems, but I've never used it). The Eldar move incredibly fast, so it's good to make lots of small squads that can be devastating at close range before running for cover. Torpedoes and scatter(?)-lasers are very effective. Remember that you are fragile though, and that you capital ships are a huge liability. My eldar fleet makes use of escort squads alone. I mix my eldar squads though, to make them more like capitals. Use larger escorts as a skeleton, and then build the squad around it.

    Sorry I couldn't remember names, I haven't played for a while, and am just reviving my memory.:sleep:
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