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    2000 pt. IN cruiser list and strat.

    Hey guys, first time posting in the BFG forum. I've made a list and it's pretty much all the cruisers I have so I guess I'm just trying to get suggestions/comments on the tactics I'm planning on using. I have:

    Adm w/1 extra reroll

    Squad. 1: Lunar, Gothic, Tyrant w/ext. range
    Squad. 2: Armaggedon, Gothic, Tyrant w/ext. range
    Squad. 3: Mars w/matrix, torp. bomb.(had some extra points to burn), Dom., Dom.

    I think this is legal because I am using the Dom's as reserve and I know you need 3 of same type from fleet to get 1 reserve. But I don't know if BC count towards cruiser reserve counts, so we'll see. Either way, I wouldn't use it in a tourney so it shouldn't be too much of a problem round my parts.

    Anyways, may strategy is to have a staggered spearhead formation, meaning S1 will be in lead in the center, S2 will be staggered to one side and back about 15-20cm and S3 will be staggered to the other side and back an additional 15-20cm. That way S1 will cause his line to react while S2 gives lance support and S3 gives concentrated Nova fire and Lance support. When the enemy reacts, either way, S2 and S3 are able to more effectively cross his T and maybe even get off another volley of Nova fire.

    I'm kinda stuck on what to do after this (assuming that this is a good tactic to start with). Perhaps AAF to get some distane and them come back around for another go.

    Anyways, I'm open to suggestions and comments on this. Thanks in advance.


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    Hmm... Well, you've definitely got a good idea going, and I'd like to see it work. The two Dominators are fine in a list this size, but beware the call of "Cheese" from some players who over-rate the Nova. They can be devastating, but just as often they can be useless.

    The Tyrant/Lunar Gothic tactic is pretty standard, though you'd do almost as good with another Lunar in place of the Tyrant. It's a lot more points for not that much better equipment.

    Have you considered escorts? I know a lot of folks underestimate them, but a squadron of six Swords screaming in from the flank or a group of Cobras firing a torpedo volley can often acount for more than their points value. They're too powerful to be ignored, and can often cause the opponent to put some shots into something other than your cruisers. 180 points of six Swords is more batteries than a Lunar can bring to bear for the same points... They have their place as mop-up or flankers.
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