Mars Battlecruiser 270pts
Fleet Admiral 50pts

Tyrant 185pts (torps and 30cm guns)
Tyrant 185pts (torps and 30cm guns)

3 Escort Carriers 180pts
2 Escort Carriers 120pts

I'm not sure if i'm going to run Imperial for this tourney, i've been thinking of using DE due to the restrictions (1 nova, no more than 1 BS, no more than two of the same capship). And due to the fact that i'm lending models to someone else for said tourney (as well as these I have a gothic and an emperor left). So I figure I'll run a ordinance based list. A total of 14 fighter launch and 12 torps, plus the mars nova. I intend to use the torps and nova to channel ships around celestial phenomenon when possible, else use the torps to screen waves of bombers.

i don't play IN much so i'd love to know if you think this list will be effective or not.