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Thread: Fluff

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    Hey Dudes,
    I havent played Inquisitor in a while and I decied this summer I will take up the game again. Here is some fluff back ground on my warband:

    Sergeant Deschain was called to the commanders office following his return from a successful campaign.
    "What is it sir?" Deschain asked.
    "The inquisition. What could you have done to get them after you?"
    "I have no idea sir"
    "Well you better get your sorry ass in the next room then."

    Deschain entered the meeting room, which was empty except for a single tall man in a long cloak.
    "Welcome sergeant" the cloaked man said as he removed his hood, showing a cybernetic eye and head plate.
    "What do you need of me Inquisitor?"
    "Inquisitor? Dont make me laugh. I am from the inquisition, but in no way am I a inquisitor. My name is Calabar I am a member of a team working for a branch of the Inquisition."
    "Okay sir what do you need of me?"
    "I'm here to ask you to join my team. We are essentially a suicide squad made to take the most dangerous missions that would almost certainly result in death to an Inquisitor."
    "Sounds fun when can I start."
    "As soon as we go space-side, you'll be augmented and equipt to go for our first mission in 72 hours."
    "What kind of augmentations?"
    At hearing this Calabar pushed back his cloak revealing two robot arms, one robot leg and a mostly robot torso.
    "I see you've seen some battle Calabar."

    Anyways the team is composed of a enforcer and another guardsmen who dies on the first mission. The team gets a few enemies such as the lunatic, a ex-eversor who is hopped up on drugs and is completely insane. Another is a dark priest who vows to eat Deschains heart.

    Ill post the stats later. What do you guys think of the fluff?

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    narative gets a littel confusing at the end

    Ex evesor? that dog wont hunt
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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    Agreed with C..

    Eversors don't retire.. In fact, if they did, I think they'd go into bio-meltdown and die within a short span. Their bodies are like overtuned machines ready to burst at any moment. They need to be kept in constant chemical harmony, and withdrawl is always fatal..

    Heck, they need to be kept in stasis between missions. That should give you some idea of how screwed up they are.

    If you want to use an actual eversor, bear in mind that they're monstrous. They'll go through most warbands like a knife through butter, and they don't leave survivors..

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