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    Scavvie questions

    Note: Since the Necromunda rule book and supplemental rules are available online for free I'm assuming we don't have the same restrictions as in the core game sections for posting bits of the rule book, right?

    1) The rules say a scavvie is only allowed one mutation, but what if he starts with one (or has already rolled one) and then rolls one on the advance table? Is he allowed 2 (or more) or does he have to re-roll?

    2) Can you buy a mutation for a scavvie after you have recruited him, like other equipment, or only when you recruiit him?

    3) Can the Boss buy mutations? Or is he limited to getting them from the advance table?

    a) Do Scalies roll on the scavvie advance table?
    b) If so does that mean Scalies can gain mutations or is it treated as "new skill from any table" (as it is a roll of 12)?
    c) If they can gain mutations what is the effect of the mutation Spikes (5+ armour, no other armour may be worn) as scalies already have a 5+ save from their scaly skin? Since the Scaly skin says "5+ save combined with any other armour worn" will this go up to 3+?

    a) When purchasing a mutation multiple times for different members do you count the number of members currently in the gang with the mutation or the total number of members that have had the mutation in the gangs history?
    For example, a gang starts off with 3 members having extra arm. 1 of them dies and the boss recruits another with extra arm to replace him. Does the extra arm cost 30 creds (as he will be the 3rd person in the gang at the moment with that mutation) or 40 (as he is the fourth member in total to have had the mutation)?

    b) Do mutations gained from the advance table count towards the number of people in your gang with the mutation for purposes of determining the cost of a new member with the same mutation?

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