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Thread: Undead

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    To go with the table I am slowly (very slowly) building and to get more interest in Mordheim happening in my group I have decided to build a number of 'ready made' warbands - and the latest to hit the workbench is Undead. I have come up with the following list, tell me what you all think:

    Vampire 140
    2 Swords, Bow

    Necromancer - 48
    Mace, Bow, Dagger

    Dreg - 33
    Mace, Bow, Dagger

    Dreg - 33
    Mace, Bow, Dagger

    Dreg - 33
    Mace, Bow, Dagger

    4 Ghouls - 160

    3 Zombies - 45

    Total: 492

    So what do you think? The ghouls will probably be split into indivdual groups to help speed up XP gain and hopefully get another hero.

    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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    Hi Exarch,

    Big fan of the Undead also.

    I was going to say split up the Ghouls, but I see you've got that covered.

    I would give one of those swords to the Necromancer; a parry is the only defense a spellcaster can have seeing as they can't wear armour.

    The vampire can't do anything with a second sword yet anyway - you can only parry once per turn, so he might as well use an axe or something with a different kind of bonus. Of course if he gets a skill later, change his equipment back.

    At BS 2, none of your Dregs are going to hit anything, so ditch the bows unless you're planning on getting really close.

    Consider giving them halberds, and charging them into H2H with ghouls. As they all have the same Initiative you choose in which order they attack. Do not attack with the Dreg first. Once a ghoul puts an enemy on the floor, then choose to attack with a halberd-wielding Dreg - he'll find it easier to wound with the strength increase, and if he takes them out of Action he will get an XP point.

    Dire Wolves also add valuable Strength 4 hits to the gang for quickly snapping up Knocked Down opponents.
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