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    AVAST! New captain on deck!

    So, long story short, I've been shanghaied into playing mordheim with some buddies. I'm still not totally decided yet, but so far pirates look like a lot of fun, so I whipped up a list. Unfortunately, I still only have a basic understanding of the game, so I thought I might post the list up here and see what someone who actually knows what they're doing has to say about it!

    Pirate Captain @ 104 GC
    Free Dagger; Duelling Pistol; Cutlass; Hook Hand

    Ship's Mate @ 60 GC
    Free Dagger; Pistol; Cutlass

    Ship's Mate @ 75 GC
    Free Dagger; Brace of Pistols; Cutlass

    Cabin Boy @ 36 GC
    Free Dagger; Cat O' 9 Tails (x2); Toughened Leathers

    Boatswain @ 59 GC
    Free Dagger; Crossbow; Dagger

    Boatswain @ 59 GC
    Free Dagger; Crossbow; Dagger

    Crew @ 45 GC
    Free Dagger; Pistol; Axe

    Gunner @ 62 GC
    Free Dagger; Handgun; Dagger

    Total Warband Cost: 500

    I'd be right pleased if anyone could scan the list over and give me a verdict. Any tips on strategies and plans for future expansion would also be most helpful. One thing I'm eyeing is a swivel gun, which is one of the reasons for the gunner at the moment. I'm just not sure what I could do without in order to take it, or if I should just wait until later.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'd ditch the Hook hand on your captain because you've already got a cutlass and dueling pistol on him.

    Your second mate looks way too cheap... a brace of regular pistols is just as much as a brace of dueling pistols.

    I'd give your gunner a crossbow instead of the handgun, but maybe that's just me. I expect my henchmen to die early on, so I'd rather lose a crossbow than a handgun. Plus a crossbow will get to shoot twice as much as the handgun.
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