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    Help with a Skaven list

    Ok...So at my local game store, we decided to start up a Mordheim campaign and I have decided to play Skaven (mostly due to the fact that I have not painted a rat in like ten years). I have not played Mordheim before, but have come up with following list and would love some input.

    Assassin Adept w/ WP, sword
    2x Black Skaven w/ 2x sword, 2x slings
    Eshin Sorcerer w/ Black fury (I roled a four and plan to keep it.), fighting claws, sling
    2x Night Runners w/ 2x slings, 2x daggerse

    2x w/ sling
    2x w/ sling
    3x w/ sling, Xtra dagger


    There it is, in all of it's glory. I hope that it is solid and would love to get some feedback.

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    Hiya, welcome to Mordheim.

    Mordheim can be a really great, cinematic game and I'm sure you will enjoy it. As for the list:

    Assassin - I am not a fan of the Warpstone Pistol. Much too expensive, relatively short range and likely to miss (due to modifiers). I would prefer to see sword and axe/fighting claws on him. Sure he loses the shot, but is much more deadly.
    Black Skaven - good. Nice and Solid. Usually I give a flail to one, but that's purely because I like the model.
    Night Runners - nice. Keep them simple.
    Sorcerer - can't take a sling and fighting claws. Fighting claws don't allow the use of any other weapon. Instead of the claws (which when combined with the WP on the Assassin are a huge points sink) I would suggest a club/spear and sling.

    Verminkin - need more than the slings. First off, you won't make any friends like that. 2nd, without back up weapons, they really come unstuck in combat.
    Consider clubs etc for the verminkin in addition to their slings. Let's them multi-task a bit better.

    Coincidently, skaven are one of the few warbands where spears are still a reasonably good investment because of their relatively high Initiative. Use it to your advantage.
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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