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    Starting Mordheim - fairness of Warbands?

    So my friends and I are starting to play Mordheim - i really love this game. My wife and I are really into terrain (as former model train geeks) and derive most fun from this aspect of the game. We have been making ruined buildings like crazy.

    Before we made the builidings we mostly played Mordheim with our limited terrain features from WH and it basically sucked somewhat without terrain.

    These are friendly games which mostly involve drinking and socializing - we are not rules laywers and rarely argue about non essential stuff.

    These are the warbands we will be playing with our friends:

    Druchii Warband
    Dwarf Treasure Hunters
    Chaos Dwarf
    Shadow warriors
    Wood elf warband

    So my question is this - basically, most of these (all?) are unofficial warbands - unplaytested or whatever by the friendly folks at GW. I do not care about that - however, what do you think about the relative fairness of the warbands? If they are extremely unfair relative to each other i expect that we can just adjust them.

    In the past we have played with one of our friends' kids who used a warband that had been in several other games - he had amassed many extra equipment and and troll and/or giant etc. THIS seemed unfair since he basically wiped our butts with his much stronger warband.

    In the future we are starting a campaign where the warbands will be used only for campaign games and not developed in other games so that they come back and play as ubers - it this the best way to handle this?


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    As a general rule of thumb the 'unofficial' warbands are not always balanced and playtested properly, and this does lead to issues of balance and fairness during the game. The other main rule of thumb (and this one was actually stated by the designers) is that elves don't belong in Mordheim.
    The problems with the elven warbands are that a) they start with stats so far above other warbands and b) there is not enough balancing done. Sure elven warbands are generally fewer in numbers than say a human warband, but the higher stats (generally thought of as the 'lesser' stats in WF play a much more significant role in Mordheim.
    Therefore, if you are interested in starting and playing a 'fair' campaign (where one warband doesn't dominate quickly) then stick with the official warbands. Also, check out Toms Boring Mordheim Forum too - lots of good stuff on there.
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    I would stick with the official warbands. Not only are they more balanced, but they fit the background and storyline of Mordheim a lot better than the ones you mention. Seeing lizardmen or khemri in Mordheim just feels out of place.
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