In my life with wife, kid, and job I really don't have time even to play a little on Fumbll. So my Norse are just collecting dust

However in the past I'd played 40K by e-mail using powerpoint. It worked pretty well and I had quite a few games.

I was wondering if anybody would be up for that with Blood Bowl. It has the ideal Play by E-mail or Play by Forum trait in that during a players turn the other player hardly ever can make a decision. They just sit back and watch.

That means in most cases a player can complete their whole turn in one e-mail. Thus a whole BB game should take less than 20 e-mails/posts per player to complete. And the turns should be much easier to handle than moving around a 40K army was! Just a few minutes before you head off to work of smashing some face and making a pass.

Anyway unless you have a better suggestion moving icons around in powerpoint would be the graphical media, and rolls would be via an online verifiable dice roller like
Play by Electron Games: Dice Roller

Should be pretty easy. Anybody up for trying it out?