Hi Fellow gamers

Me and my friends started a mordheim campaign with the official and non official warbands i played with Shadow warriors warband, witch was ok.
But they doesnt stand a fighting chance against orcs, skaven dwarfs and beastmen, so we started to experiment and write our own warbands if not to improve gameing experiece but to get your own touch, witch makes playing a whole lot more fun, and what would be more High elfish than having two mages in hero list, so i did a leader a Archmage, a Blademaster and a Loremaster, so only a maximum of three heroes in starting warband, unequiped they cost about 250gc half of the warband starting gold and i keept the normal cost for elven warriors at 35gc. (see shadow warrior warband for more info) Any thoughts about using elfs in mordheim please post!

Looking forward to your reply
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