In the Lustria campaign rules for Mordheim, there were a set of rules to field Tilean Warbands. Under these rules it stated:

"Due to the historical nature of Tilean rules, a conversion chart will be published in the future to convert your Tilean warband for exploring the ruins of Mordheim."

Does anyone know if this chart was ever released? I didn't notice any obvious problems with using the Tileans, but I just wanted to know if they ever got that Mordheim conversion in case there was some problem I missed.

If there has been a conversion chart published in a Town Cryer, could someone tell me which one so that I can try to find one for sale or to borrow. Or even if I could just find the rules somewhere online?

I know that the rules wont be official, but I've already got an OK on the unofficial warbands with the people I would be playing against.