So slowly my Dwarf Engineer is becoming the power house of my warband. I'm representing him with one of the New Master Engineer models as he's performed amazingly. So far he has managed the following advances in the following order:

+1 Toughness
Skill: Extra Tough-Dwarf skills
+1 Attack
+1 Leadership

Taking into account his skills, he is armed in the following way:
Light Armor
Sword, Dagger

My thoughts are with a current toughness of 5 and 2 base attacks he's pretty handy in close combat, having the crossbow makes him well rounded, and he's got a decent armor save. The Extra tough also give me a re-roll for if he's taken out of action. So i'm thinking if i'm lucky enough to roll and additional skill (needs only 3 more experience, tends to earn at least 3 per game) what skill would you chose?

Nimble? he could move and fire the crossbow with the extended range
Resourse Hunter? modify the dice roll for exploration, figure he'll be alive most likely
Eagle Eye? increase shooting range even more!

I'm personally hoping i will be lucky enough to advance his wounds on the next roll. Also any advice for using him would be greatly appreciate, right now he's kind of the marksman, but only gets to shoot every other turn because he's almost always on the move trying to get into good fire position. The rest of my warband if you need it is below, this is going to be game 5 for my stunty warband, got hammered the first game, won the next 2 with no loses, and took a beating from a plague cart and lost 1 Thunderer and 1 Beardling. Just hired the Troll Slayer.

Noble-Pistol, Sword, Dagger, Light Armor, Shield, Helmet
-leader, quick shot, +2 initiative
Troll Slayer-Dwarf Axe, Hammer

Thunderers x3-Shields, Crossbows, Hammer, Dagger
Beardlings x2-Daggers x2