A whole new game of football

Fantasy Football breaks the norms for online manager games and transcends the boundaries of online manager games.

Fantasy Football gives you the chance for a unique experience by combining fantasy characters with online manager game.

A few elements from the game:
- Each manager starts with ten players.
- Different races such as Trolls, Dwarfs, Elves, Mutants and Centaurs.
- Fierce games that only are stopped when a team scores or the game is finished.
- Unique opportunities for creating your very own team tactics.

The games in Fantasy Football are unique:
- There are seven players on each team
- Players acts as individuals
- The manager controls each player’s movements and actions on the field with orders prior to the game

This makes the games in Fantasy Football believable, lively and fun to watch.

Fantasy Football gives the chance to control your own football team and strive to become the best!

Fantasy Football includes the following features (and many more):

* Management
* Tournaments
* Development of players
* Transfer Marked
* Viewing of games: Play-by-play