I am just beginning Mordheim and am enjoying my Witch Hunters list a lot. I would like to play another warband jus so I could skirmish myself when I'm not at the game shop or when I am trying to introduce other wargamers to Mordheim. Thing is, I was given 5 Nazgul models from the Lord Of The Rings game and I'd like to borrow one of the warband lists drop the fluff. They are all armed with swords and Lord of the Rings fluff seems to indicate they could have daggers (poisoned naturally ;-). There could be no ranged weapons but magic could work well. Again im not trying to transpose the Tolkein universe onto the Mordheim ruleset, I just want to find a way to incorporate these fantastic wraith models into a decent warband. I'm not against using henchmen or other heroes, but I'd like to use these as much as possible. Also I have a mounnted Nazgul as well.
Thanks for the info, hopefully the veterans will be able to point me in the right direction and spare me some playtesting. Thanks.