I got this idea from a sneaky friend and entire army made up of sniper units with lascannon toting dreads preds and raiders to back them up.

It works best on quick start setting obviously but then which army doesnt?

firstly set servitor to build second HQ then
2 sqauds of scouts to start nabbing strategic points
3 more servs. get two servs to help finish building HQ.
Build barracks and armoury
Go from there

Use one HQ to build your scout stealth adn sniper abilities, cap limits, stronghold ad ons. the other to build your scout army.

Ive had a play with this on skirmish and noted some advantages and disadvantages.

entirely invisible troop force (but then chas can do the same)
can take out squads in a second.
Mass snipers carve through infantry like it wasnt there.
Can quickly kill stealth detecting units from range in order to stay hidden as long as possible.
Severly disorinates opponents when a squad just drops dead.
With snipers killing off all infantry dreads can concentrate on armour and buildings.
The entire troop force can sneak around almost anywhere.

slow build time to get get lots of sniper rifles (at least so ive noticed.)
vulnerable to rushes due to building times
Scouts are reletively fragile even if you do have 80 of them.
If spotted your opponent immeadiately knows what your doing and can plan accordingly.

Anyone else use this or hae any ideas on how to lessent he time it takes to build up a decent force? Or any other advantages/disadvantages of said army?