Name of Guild:

Grim is a guild built from the ground up to provide mature and dedicated gamers the ultimate experience in Warhammer Online. We intend to focus heavily on end game content, whether RvR or PvE, and have no intention of being anything other then a top guild on the server we choose.

However, we don't want to be seperated from our friends and family that may have a slightly more casual approach to gaming. It's for that reason we'll be instituting a fairly open recruitment process that will allow our members in good standing to "sponsor" others membership to our guild.

There will still be some seperation in the guild as certain events, such as end game raiding, may be exclusive to higher ranking members (our hardcore crew), but we will strive to create an atmosphere that provides events that will cater to as much of our populous as possible.

The last thing I want to touch on is the everchanging nature of a guild, especially one forming months before a game even hits shelves. We hope to employ our members help in creating the best possible experience in the coming days, both by utilizing their feedback and involving them as much as possible in the future decisions of this guild.

Here are some of current directions of the guild...
Faction: Destruction
Event Times: PST Evenings (7-12) Although most of our end game Events (City Raids, PvE raids), we hope to have a full schedule of events occupying as many timeslots as demanded by our members.
Server Type: US Standard- Although we don't yet know the specifics on server types, we can assume they will have the 3 that are common on other mmorpg (Standard, PvP, Roleplaying)
Age Limit: Although we don't have a specific age requirement, we are a guild that caters to an older, more mature playerbase and will make decisions based on that.
Guild website:
Grim Website

Feel free to ask any questions in this thread or start a new one on our forums. I will try to answer as quickly as possible. Thanks for your time.