Most of you will have heard of EA creating the 3rd installment of the Red Alert series, which like the Tiberium series sees the introduction of a 3rd faction this time being the Japanese.
So I’m interested in seeing what other people’s first impressions are of it.

Personally I found C&C 3 to be a huge disappointment it lacked little details that I loved about the pervious C&C games like the cool music by Frank Klepacki who is back and now creating ‘Hell March 3’ and the cool little action scenes between missions. Plus where did all the sci-fi units go! Luckily EA noticed this outcry from Tiberian Sun fans and released Kane’s Wraith which I loved, with the exception of the Epic units which to me looks like too much of a copy of DOW’s Relic Units and Supreme Commander’s Experiment Units.

Anyway on to Red Alert 3: I immediately love the Japanese fraction mainly because of all the transforming units. Except the jet one which seems like EA is once again nicking ideas from Starcraft like the Protoss carrier.

Spot the difference between the ‘Tengu’ (seen in trailer) & ‘Viking’ gameplay?
StarCraft II Viking

Once again the graphics look awesome but I feel the colors are a bit too strong and the water effects need work.

Well that’s my first thoughts on it.