This is a little ranty thought i had about the ideals behind my guild. Good luck with those of you planning on joining the LO guild, it should be a nice casual community. I will point out that I plan on playing on the same server as the LO guild so even if we aren't guilded we should still end up doing many functions together.

The idea for Myrmidon goes back several years to one of the greatest MMO experiences I was fortunate enough to partake in. A guild with little fanfare but an ideal I've been searching for ever since. Without a doubt we were the best guild on our server and in such a short amount of time it made the previous title holder look amateur. Our goal was very simple. We weren't attempting to be rigid power gamers in the sense that we expected our members to give up their lives for a game. We only encouraged good use of the time spent playing. That meant trying to stick to guild groups whenever possible, which was the norm anyways as you could not find a better group on the server. Our tag meant something, and although you did not see too many of us around, our reputation was so great you might hear things like "This is a bad zone but we have not one but two <Soandso> members in our group, this is going to be awesome" I want to bring that ideal back. That we are the pros of the game, and even just our presence is awesome. It’s the greatest feeling you can have in an MMO on par with coordinating an amazing server first.

Talk is cheap though, to accomplish this goal we need lead by example to attract members of this caliber. First we need to respect the other players. I don't have enough time to tell you the horror stories I've been through with PUGs and the like. Although interacting with other guilds and particularly PUGs can be terrible we will not put down other players. We want to set a good example and keep a good reputation with outside organizations. The best way to do that is not set a bad example while playing outside the guild. We want people to look up to us and aspire to be like us, not look at us as elitists and jerks that are spoiling the game. Second we need to make the tag count. I personally don't like application forms "List all of your keys, your gear, and why you think you deserve to be in the guild" I don’t care what you have or why you think you should be in the guild. Show me you belong with us. Give us your all and play with the guild members and earn your way in, not because we don't think your worthy, but because you wouldn't want to join another organization or this one unless you did earn it. Gear is only important to me in the sense of what it allows us do as a whole, one piece of gear does not make a difference to the guild and what it can do, making sure the most gear gets to the most people does. For now, unless it gets overwhelming, if we enter PvE loot situations our goal will be to collaborate either through senior members, or class officers, or some form of good judgment to put what drops to best use. I don't want to discourage players who can't play as frequently as others that they will get no loot but they will definitely get less. My goal is to put what drops to best use. I'd rather give a player who plays a great deal the newest and best weapon because what he has is much worse than what our top representative of that class has simply because to one it would be a massive upgrade and to the other a minor one. I want everyone to have the mentality that if we help one member we help us all.

For now I'll leave off with this one last thought. We do not expect perfection. We do however expect our members to give 100% and strive to be better. Everyone in this guild is a leader; no one is higher than the other. I am simply a voice representing the thoughts of us all. If you are interested in being taken seriously and not put in a position where you simply take orders, get in touch with us. We're always looking for players who take initiative, who are able to adapt under pressure, and are malleable to ideas. That is the goal of Myrmidon.