So, does anyone Play City of Heroes?

IMO its a Great MMORPG, rated it 8.4, the best Review they have given so far.
Unlike other MMORPG's, its simple, create a Charecter ( Using the best Charecter Creation system around BTW ) and go out, then Kick Arse. No camping for Items, it just gets to the fun part of the games. Its easy to level, your not completely out of the league of High Lvl players when you start off, the only advantage to being a Long Time player with the Same Charecter is better Abilities and slightly better stats ect.

If anyone replies extremly fast I cant play right now because I am at an ArtShow of my dads, but this weekend I am getting my Internet Connection updated so I should be able to play quite alot.

I am on the Infinity Server at the moment with the Charecters :
Arik the Reaver ( The Suit )
Pyromus ( Major Badass Btw )
and another random Char I hate ( Another Suit but he's quite Crude. )