OK, so I forked out the money for this game and am I pleased with it? Sort of. It has some good parts - like being able to play as heroes, ents, trolls, the balrog and an oliphant. However, the ordinary game play is a little bit boring. It generally comes down to button bashing and there is little change from characters (good, evil or heroes), all have the same abilities just a slight change - blue for good, red for evil and a few slight alterations to make heroes seem a bit different (example being Aragorn has the dead appear in one of his powerful attacks). The four classes available are - warrior, archer, scout and mage, with in certain missions the ability to play as heroes. In addition to this, you have the ability to "use" trolls and ents, something which I found to be rather entertaining.

Campaign wise, well, it's fast. I brought it yesterday and within five or six hours of gaming I had the entire two branches (good and evil) completed. I missed a few things here and there (achievements for killing certain heroes with certain heroes for example) but in general I feel there is little there. It does however have the capacity for some funny moments (hobbit punting anyone? Or killing Frodo by throwing an axe at him, knocking him into lava below. Oh and Frodo being afraid of the "crack of doom").

I had heard it was the multiplayer games that made the game. However, I found it a bit disappointing. The games are nice looking but the point that brings it down for me, is the scout classes. They have the chance to stealth and when behind a player can auto-kill with one button press. Its unblockable btw. This I found to be a little bit much, makes the scout class rather powerful. Admittedly this might just be my dislike for them, but I just wasn't impressed with the multiplayer games (though, team hero deathmatch is interesting).

Visually, the game is great. The levels look authentic and are well designed, but most are small and very linear. The friendly AI however leaves a lot to be desired, numerous times I had been tasked with defending a location only be told I'm being overrun because the AI had either died or run off somewhere. Some of the animations are great, killing the trolls for example is pretty cool.

Overall, I would agree with the following review - Gamespot - LOTR Conquest Review