So, you've stumbled across my topic, probably knowing full well the game series that I am referencing to.
If not, Command and Conquer is what I am pointing at.

Now, here's the thing that's been bothering me: Kane.

Kane keeps coming back from the dead, only to oppose GDI in some other devious way. This is an obvious allusion to the Bible, maybe not true to it but very close indeed.

Let me do wikipedia do the talking:
Kane's apparent ability to seemingly return from death and wreak havoc and destruction on those who apparently killed him, appears a reference to the "Mark of Cain"; a sign or curse God allegedly placed on Cain, to prevent other humans from killing him in retribution for having murdered his own brother, Abel. The wording of this Mark, while not actually preventing Cain's death, warns that any man who kills Cain would suffer a vengeance on themselves sevenfold stronger than that which they exacted upon Cain, striking parallels with the destruction wrought by Nod on the Global Defense Initiative following each of its re-emergings to the world.
[excuse the hyperlinks]

He keeps coming back, that's one thing. But what's gotten me more intrigued and bothered by my lack of knowledge, is what my friend Wikipedia said next:

After intercepting a transmission between Kane and the Nod commander (the player), they immediately focused their attention on Kane as the possible cause of this unprecedented incident, coming to the conclusion that the being of "Kane" somehow already existed in their master data matrix, and more disturbingly, that Kane's genetic material is unrecognizable even to the vast ancient knowledge of their spacefaring species.
Is Kane really the biblical person? Is he even human? What is he? What do YOU think? I'd prefer actual facts but conjecture is as good too. Come one, come all, and answer the query!